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5 of the hottest trends to watch out for in 2018

From bold patterns everywhere to millennial pink and luxurious greens, here’s your interior design lowdown for 2018.
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Every decade or so we’re faced with a shift in trends (be it interiors, fashion or haircuts) and are left wondering how we didn’t see it coming sooner. We start to look at what was ‘in’ (and now swiftly on its way out) with a feeling of complete revelation. Suddenly it looks so dated, and so last decade, that we must rid our homes (wardrobes, or heads) of the look immediately. And that’s what’s happening now, funnily enough, as we draw towards to the end of one decade and the start of another. Without warning, we’re making fashion U-turns all over the shop, quickly moving away from trends that, not so long ago, felt exciting and contemporary. While the 2010’s have been – up to a point – characterised by glossy white kitchens and contemporary furnishings, it seems we’re now venturing toward interiors that are more classic and – dare we say it – retro. Enter: much more depth and texture, and a lot less stark white-on-white. In fact, depth and boldness of colour is one trend that shines through when scouring iconic fashion mags like Vogue and Elle, who seem to be declaring in unison that 2018 will be the year of the pattern, of bright but earthy colours, and the return of dark, traditional wooden furniture. And what about the rest? Better get researching if we’re to stay ‘with the times’. It’s a good job, then, that we’re here with a summary of some of the hottest interior trends to watch out for in 2018.

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1. Patterns: floors, ceilings and plants

2018 is all about big, bold patterns displayed in (almost) as many places as possible. And yes, you read the heading right – patterned ceilings are now officially a ‘thing’. If you’re going to grab 2018 by the (very fashionable) horns, be sure to go for something bold and geometric like block stripes or eye-catching hexagonal shapes. Wallpapering your ceiling will instantly uplift your home and will turn the heads of your guests (or at least raise them), setting you up as one of the trendiest members of your group.

Next – houseplants. They might not be a new trend per se, but 2018 is specifically about the patterned plant. There are tons of fun, tropical options to choose from, with leaves displaying everything from psychedelic stripes to kaleidoscope effect swirls and dots. So yes, when we said patterned plants, we meant exactly that. Finally, it’s time to revisit the seventies with Terazzo flooring – one throwback trend we really didn’t see coming. Pair it with mid-century modern furniture, white walls and plenty of mustard-yellow and dusty orange accessories to nail the seventies-chic look.

2. Neutral sofas: bold accessories

In keeping with recent celebrations of retro trends, richly coloured accessories are definitely ‘in’, which is why there’s never been a better time to champion the neutral sofa. Think soft, dusty or earthy tones as opposed to solid blacks, dark browns or whites, as this year it’s all about creating a look that feels bold but natural (nature is another key trend for 2018 – see below). Grey sofas are a guaranteed fail safe as they never seem to go out of style, which is important for an investment piece of furniture. This mid-century inspired Maja 3 seater fabric sofa in a gorgeous shade of stone-grey will enable you to hit the retro trend while keeping things neutral and versatile. Top with plump cushions in burnt oranges and deep reds to bring a nostalgic pop of colour to the space. We’re loving the idea of textured, patterned rugs too. To make them work, go for a pared-back sofa like this Dawn 2 Seater Sofa , with its sleek outline and minimal detailing – the perfect backdrop for creative accessories. Top with cushions and throws in a range of deep navys and teals, plus a couple of patterned items (a thick stripe would hit the spot).

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3. All about nature: ceramics, rugs, lamps

We’re seeing a move away from the clean-cut, man-made textures of recent years, veering instead towards all things ‘au naturel’. That means 2018 is set to be defined by earthier colour schemes, more handmade accessories and an abundance of lovely, raw materials.

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Think rustic ceramic crockery, beautiful woven rugs and lamp shades made from thick, naturel linen. Complete the look with plenty of house plants, natural woods, heavy knit rugs (in beige) and even pebbles (in jars, bowls, vases – wherever takes your fancy).

4. Millennial Pink: here to stay

If you haven’t heard of millennial pink yet (where have you been?), don’t panic. The trend that characterised 2017 is here to stay, so you’ve plenty of time to jump on the bandwagon. To catch you up: millennial pink is a retro-kitsch shade of salmon-meets-rose-meets-apricot, and it’s been a craze in both the fashion and interior design worlds for the past year or so. There is a slight twist to watch out for in 2018, though, and it’s all about pairing the blush shade of pink with deep emeralds and natural greens. Think oversized millennial pink cushions and soft velvety blankets in the same shade, set against a back drop of rich green houseplants and contrasting deep-green rugs. Throw in some dark wood furniture and your home will be so 2018 it hurts.

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5. Maximalism: not minimalism

Forget about contemporary minimalism and ‘barely there’ interiors. In 2018 we’re going big, bold and clashing – think floral wallpaper, statement accessories and layer-upon-layer of soft furnishings.

Whatever your overarching theme is (mid-century modern, raw nature, relaxed rustic, seventies glamour – they’re all possible for 2018), don’t be afraid to really go for it. In true end-of-the-decade style, we’re turning notions of what was cool a few years ago on their head, and we’re reinventing things with a bang.

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There’s nothing quite like the feeling that comes with watching new trends emerge. Suddenly, there’s a whole host of fresh new styles to explore and the possibilities for our homes become seemingly endless. So, with that in mind, here’s to a year of revolutionary design and boundary-breaking ideas. As the old saying goes… out with the old, in with the brand spanking, utterly fabulous new.


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