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5 simple rules for excellent Houseguest étiquette

Welcoming friends or family to stay at your home during the holidays can be fun, however, it can also be slightly stressful. Naturally, you’ll want to create the perfect welcoming environment for them and although your guests are sure to have a great time anyway, we’ve created 5 useful tips to help you get it even more right. Be careful though - they may never want to leave!
Hints & Tips
  1. ## Give guests their own space

Everyone likes a bit of personal space, even when staying with friends. Therefore, make sure your guest have an area which they feel is just theirs for the duration of their stay. Even if you don’t have a separate guest bedroom, allocate your guest a space to leave their case and clothes, and if possible give them a bathroom of their own, whilst you use another bathroom just for the weekend.

  1. ## Create a cosy bed

Make sure your guest room is as inviting as possible with a sumptuous mattress and freshly smelling, clean bedding for your friends to enjoy. Many people don’t want to invest in a top quality bed for their guest room as they don’t feel they will get value from it - however, nothing beats a great night’s sleep for your loved ones. If you don’t have the luxury of a spare guest room, then a sofa bed is a good option, it can be easily erected before bed time and neatly stored away the next morning.

  1. ## Make them feel at home

If this is the first time that your guest has visited your home, then make them feel at ease with a guided tour of all the important areas - their bedroom, the toilet, the kitchen, and where the clean towels are kept. Show them where the glasses are for a drink of water and where essentials like toothpaste and toilet rolls are kept. This will also save them from asking you a multitude of questions all the time, which might make them feel a bit embarrassed.

  1. ## Fill up the fridge

Make sure you find out about your guest’s dietary requirements before they arrive- especially if there are any allergies that you should be aware of! Stock up on essential items like bread, milk and mineral water or fruit juice, that you know your guest will like. Be sure to buy in some healthy breakfast ingredients like granola, yoghurt, fresh bread, eggs and honey, so you can create a delicious, hotel-style buffet for when your guest wakes up. Even if you will be eating out most of the time, make sure your fridge is tempting so that there are plenty of yummy things to nibble on throughout the day!

  1. ## Add hotel-style touches

Complete your guest’s perfect mini break with some final finishing touches. If you have some unused hotel-slippers put them at the end of your guests bed, along with a folded clean towel and a bottle of mineral water. Maybe even add a little plate with some biscuits or chocolates on, should they fancy a late-night treat later on. Make sure the shower is stocked up with plenty of shampoo, conditioner and body wash, and finish off the look with a scented candle or oil diffuser so that they feel relaxed and indulged in their guest-space.


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