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5 stylish ways to fill a large blank wall

Big, blank walls can lead to a feeling of half-finished emptiness in the home. From mantel clocks to tapestries, we look at unlikely but stylish ways to fill them.
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Less is more. It’s a mantra often repeated in the world of design – whether that’s fashion, interiors or the artistic positioning of two tiny morsels of food in a Michelin-starred restaurant. But it’s far from the only way forward. And we’re here to argue that it’s definitely not the way forward when it comes to filling that big, blank wall in your home. We’re talking about the annoying space that’s been reproaching you for months (perhaps even years), giving your interiors that half-empty, unfinished vibe that you so desperately loathe.

You’ve tried various bits of artwork (too small), and mirrors (look silly without a cabinet or fireplace underneath), plus a range of family photos (turns out the canvas effect print of you and your significant other is more cringe than ‘awww’). But nothing quite seems to fit – both in terms of size or style. Fear not, though. We’re here with a range of creative, blank wall-banishing ideas you’ll get joy from for years to come. Just remember to stick to our steadfast rule – more is most definitely more.


1. Multiple mirror on the wall

Finding a mirror large enough to fill a gigantic wall is no easy feat – and it’s not cheap either. Plus, it sometimes has to be so big to fill the space that it can feel like you’re making too much of a statement. But what if we were to turn the rules on their head and say you don’t have to stick to just one? Filling a wall with an eclectic mix of mirrors is a great way to create a statement design feature in your home and will fill the space without feeling overbearing. Collect from far and wide – think antique shops, boutique shops, charity shops and online shops – to get a unique, eclectic arrangement no one else on the planet can claim to have. Try to offset round mirrors with square, large with small – even old with modern – for a look that feels layered and authentic. Just remember that more is more, which means a couple of mirrors swimming in the big empty space just won’t cut it. Go all out, or don’t go there at all.

And who says you have to stop at mirrors? Perhaps you have other collections that could be arranged in multiples on your blank wall for a quirky, stylish display. Anything from shimmering evening bags to beautifully glazed pottery could work – the only limit’s your imagination (and the contents of your house).


2. What time is it, Mr Wolf?

Who said clocks were just for telling the time? We love oversized statement wall clocks and think they offer the perfect, eye-catching design feature to give an empty wall a focal point. And if you don’t feel like going for one big centre piece, why not take the above idea and apply it to clocks instead? Creating your very own mix-and-match clock art display is one way to make your home stand out from the crowd’s – but be wary, you’ll have absolutely no excuse to be late, ever again. Mix something retro and edgy, like this electric chrome wall clock, with traditional-feeling pieces like this antique map wall clock for a look that’s unconventional, but effortlessly cool.

3. Do-It-Yourself artwork

If you’re not the art-investing type but want something that looks chic and original, don’t shy away from creating a piece yourself. You don’t need to be good at painting either (is that a sigh of relief, we hear?). One great make-shift idea is to go fabric shopping – find a textile or pattern you love and buy enough of it to cover an inexpensive, pre-stretched canvas. Staple in place, and before you know it you’re left with a beautiful statement piece to hang of that elusive blank wall. Who knows, you may even get friends asking for one of their own!

wall art

4. Turn to tapestries

Tapestries are generally very large by nature, so they’re perfect for filling big, empty walls. But just be wary of the fact that their size can make them feel overwhelming if they’re placed with the wrong accessories or wall colour. Tapestries tend to come in rich colours – meaning they work best in rooms with white or pale walls and neutral furniture. If the room is already super-textured and filled with dark colours, a tapestry might be overbearing. But if it’s modern – erring on the minimal side of things – a beautiful tapestry can look gorgeous, adding a textured, traditional vibe to the space and giving it an interior design edge.

5. Perks of being a wallpaper

Last, but most definitely not least, it has to be wallpaper. Unassuming, easy to shop for and beautifully diverse, it can be a great way to turn a blank wall into a stunning feature wall. This really only works if the rest of the room is painted – but if that is the case, one wall of wallpaper can look great and will really add to the room’s texture. Just be sure to go for something that makes a statement, otherwise you’ll be left with the same blank wall conundrum as before. Think heavy patterns – a bold stripe, luxurious brocade or quirky print will work wonders at breaking up the monotony of the room.

Filling a large blank wall can feel a bit like trying to solve an impossible puzzle when you’re faced with so much space. But don’t worry – all it takes is a little creativity and ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking to turn that pesky blank wall into the best part of the room. Trust us – at the end you’ll stand back, admire, and think to yourself: Well, it wasn’t that difficult after all.



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