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6 cosy small sofas for small rooms

Get inspired by our top compact sofas that can make a big difference to a small space.
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When it comes to scoring high on the feel-good scale, nothing quite beats snuggling upon a cosy small sofa. In fact, there are many places in our homes where a cosy settee is the ideal seating solution. In sitting rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and studies, a small, two-seater sofa can add comfort and flexibility. However, if space is at a premium in your home, finding a sofa you love which also fits perfectly in the room can be a tricky process. Pick something too large and it can overpower the room, making it feel cramped and claustrophobic. Veer too far in the opposite direction and your miniscule choice might start to resemble a scene from Alice in Wonderland, simultaneously making you feel like a giant and the sofa feel too small. Striking the perfect balance is what’s needed here, and our pick of top sofas for small rooms could help you find one that feels just right.


1.The Gamma Leather Chaise Sofa

Small in size but packed with features, the Gamma Leather Chaise Sofa can fit perfectly in the corner of a small room. Wondrously handcrafted, its oversized seat cushions and cosy wraparound arm are enough to rival any more expansive seat. If you thought a lack of space meant a lack of choice, this gorgeous sofa will beg to differ. As well as different leather grades and neutral colours, you can choose either the left-hand facing end or the right-hand facing end to better match the layout of your room.

2.The Rise 2-Seater Sofa

For a decidedly modern look, go for the Rise 2-Seater Sofa. While its beautiful fabric upholstery and foam sprung seats make it one of the most comfortable small sofas on our list, its sleek metal legs give it a sense of modern refinement. What’s more, its softly-curved seat backs and curving arms make it perfect for small spaces in which angular shapes can often feel obtrusive and cramped.


3.The Viola 2-Seater Sofa

We love the classic vibes of the Viola 2-Seater Sofa with its modernised twist bringing it swiftly into the contemporary realm. Curves are the order of the day once again, with high, curved arms and a uniquely-shaped back, complete with Chesterfield-style buttoning. Whether displayed proudly in the living room or nestled into the corner of a modest bedroom, this stylish and chic sofa slots elegantly into any small space.

4.The Oxford Street 2-Seater Sofa

When it comes to compact sofas, the Oxford Street 2 Seater Fabric Sofa from our High Street Collection brings more than its handy size to the table. Stylishly-designed and comfortably-proportioned, the cool style of this sofa lends itself perfectly to the modern home. Pair its classic lines with metallics to run full-tilt with the modern theme or take the traditional route by surrounding your settee with dark wooden furniture in a similar shade to its wooden feet.


5.The Bijoux 2-Seater Fabric Recliner Sofa

If comfort and casual lounging are the main events in your home, you might prefer going for a recliner like the Bijoux 2-Seater Fabric Recliner Sofa. Slotting easily into a compact living room or study, the Bijoux is modern personified with luxurious leathers, fibre-back cushions and a buttoned back. Its contoured high back also provides just the right amount of lumbar, neck and head support, helping you tackle everything from an ambitious movie marathon or a determined day of relaxation.

6.Marlow 3-Seater Chaise Sofa

When you’re buying small settees for small rooms, there’s no need to restrain yourself to the typical two-seaters. The Marlow 3-Seater Chaise End Fabric Sofa is compact enough not to feel overbearing in a small room while still allowing you enough space to comfortably stretch out. With its solid wood feet lifting it majestically off the floor and creating the illusion of space, this beautiful sofa delicately gives the room a sense of easy elegance.


Our list of compact sofas complete, you’re hopefully one step closer to finding the perfect piece to take pride of place in your small space. Whether buying for a petite living room, a tiny study or squeezing into the extra space in your bedroom, when smaller packages are exactly what’s required, a cosy, small sofa could be the perfect seating solution.


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