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6 simple but satisfying treats for the interior design-aholic

It can be hard to keep your interior design cravings at bay when it’s your number one hobby. Read on for a list of satisfying treats to keep you going in between redesigns and renovations.
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If you’re an interior design addict, you won’t need us to tell you that you’ve been (not so) blessed with a rather expensive hobby. Especially if you’re one of those who redesigns rooms more often than they change their bedsheets. From new sofa suites to entire kitchen replacements, for a true interior design enthusiast there is no such thing as ‘too much’ or ‘too soon’. But our wallets and schedules might feel differently. Fitting in big projects or hefty purchases can start to take its toll, but what’s a designer to do, if they’re going to get their fix? Look no further… because we might just have the answer. If you’re looking to take things down a notch but want to keep your inner creativity alive, it’s all about keeping your cravings at bay with simple, one-off treats. Those gorgeous, swoon-worthy pieces that get make your heart beat faster but don’t drain your resources like bigger projects do. So, without further ado, here are our top picks of totally tantalising treats to tide you over…


1.This trendy and finely crafted console table

Console tables are one of interior designs most underrated and under-talked about pieces, especially considering they have the potential to completely transform a room, hallway or even bathroom. There’s just something effortlessly appealing about their half-way size. In fact, it’s the way they’re neither a fully-fledged table nor a small and fiddly side table that enables them to give a room that added layer of texture and depth, and an air of magazine-ready completeness.

For an oak console table with a sleek, modern vibe, we love this glass topped, scandi-inspired Lennon Console Table, which champions bold design and hardwearing craftmanship. Its solid oak legs have been treated with oil for a rich-coloured and smooth finish, and large metal bolts add eye-catching, industrial vibe.

2.This beautiful baroque style mirror

How about a bit of lavish opulence to keep the design-cravings at bay? When it comes to lifting a room, there’s nothing quite as effective as a brand-new mirror – especially one of the size and stature of this stunning Carved Louis Leaner Silver Mirror which is elegant and cutting-edge all at once. At 176cm high it’s definitely not going to blend into the background, but why would you want it to when it’s so utterly beautiful?

Its heavy wooden frame is embellished with intricate leaf designs and it comes in a choice of either a silver or cream painted finish. Personally, we love the silver to make a statement, and to keep those design pangs under control. As a ‘leaner mirror’ you don’t fix it to the wall but simply prop it up, giving it a rustic, bohemian vibe perfect for shabby-chic or eclectic interiors. It could also be set against a minimalist backdrop to make a statement through contrasting styles.


3.Hand-crafted cushions and other lovely things

Another fun way to satisfy your desire for decoration is to browse as many boutiques, quirky vintage shops and markets as you can for unique trinkets that no one else has. There’s something satisfying about uncovering hidden gems and displaying them proudly in your home. Think beautiful, hand-stitched cushion covers, antique china tea sets, bright and quirky art prints and old record collections.


4.This very-in-right-now tripod floor lamp

There are tons of tripod-style floor lamps around right now and we are simply in love with them. We’re not sure whether it’s because of their old-school glamour, striking silhouette, or slightly awkward charm but there’s something about them that just feels very endearing – and that makes them the perfect edition to almost any home’s interior. A good place to start would be with this Black Wood Tripod Floorlamp, which oozes vintage appeal and would look stunning against a classic backdrop of cream carpets, upholstered sofas and heavy, velvet curtains.


5.This retro and finely crafted rocking chair

Is there anything more charming than a beautifully crafted rocking chair? In particular, this stunning Ercol Originals Chairmakers Rocking Chair, which promises to add understated, retro style to any room. Crafted out of solid elm, with solid beech rails and a soft-sheen lacquer finish, it’s one of those rare pieces of furniture that’s as functional as it is aesthetically on-point. Promising to endure years of use, it can definitely be considered an investment piece, perfect for satiating your appetite for all things interior design.

6.New kitchenware and accessories

Whether it’s a set of beautiful new mugs or an upgrade on your wine glasses, even the smallest of new purchases can give your kitchen an uplift. Try introducing a bold pop of colour to the space in the form of placemats and tablecloths and carry the theme through with a new piece of artwork or a framed print for a lively injection of ‘newness’ that doesn’t break the bank. Being an interior design addict doesn’t have to exhaust all your resources if you don’t let it. Simply think wise and try to enjoy the little things more. It is those, after all, that count.


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