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6 Ways To Create Extra Storage Space In Your Living Room

If space is a struggle in your household, then like most people, you are constantly looking to create extra storage space that still looks tidy and stylish. The living room is a sociable room, and usually one of the most-used rooms in the house, therefore, utilising space in this area is a ‘must’. Here we explore 6 simple ways to create some extra interior space to house your belongings.
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1. Utilise wall space

Small lounges may lack floor space, but one thing most of them have in common is four lovely sized walls surrounding them. Floating wall shelves not only look fantastic, but they can be very useful when it comes to holding books, photo frames, candles and plants. Shelves don’t just have to be used for decoration purposes either. Crockery, glasses or office equipment can also be stored conveniently on shelves to save space.

2. Storage under-foot

Foot stools are a comfy and stylish addition to any living room. However, comfort and appearance are not their only benefits. Some foot stools are also available with in-built storage and are great to give home to items that need to be accessed regularly, whilst in the lounge area. Toys, electrical goods and board games are frequently housed in footstools, as well as TV remote controls and spare batteries. Stools are available in a wide range of fabrics, colours and shapes so make sure you find the perfect style to suit your taste and needs accordingly.

3. TV storage units

Not all TVs suit being attached to bare walls, and therefore TV storage units are a very popular furniture choice in living rooms. TV units can also be used to store additional items, without taking up too much room and are available in many different varieties. Whether you opt for a traditional style oak unit or a modern glass unit, you can choose a style that suits your space.

4. Use the corners

Corner spaces in rooms are often left bare, however, especially in smaller rooms, these areas can often be used as secret space providers. Corner shelves can be used to stack books, as well as hold pretty decoration items to bring your living room alive. Corner sofas are also a great space-saving addition, meaning that you can fit all the family on one sofa, without the need for two separate ones.

5. Stack stylish boxes

If you don’t have space for large pieces of furniture or storage units in your living room, then fear not, for there are still ways to create sensible storage solutions that look good. Collapsible cardboard or fabric storage boxes can be purchased in many different colours, sizes and patterns and can look fantastic when piled up on top of one another to create a feature. If you can’t find a style that suits your living room interior, then you could purchase a plain coloured box and decorate it yourself using decoupage.

6. Useful coffee tables

As with footstools, many coffee tables now come available with built-in storage space. Whether you need hidden drawer space for loose items, or open shelving for magazines and papers, there are endless options to choose from. If family members prefer to have a coffee table each when it comes to watching favourite movies together, then you could opt for a nest of coffee tables, which fold away neatly into one when you are not using them, hence saving vital space.


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