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Add A Pastel Pop To Your Home

During the spring/summer season, we begin to see pops of fresh colour appear outdoors. Naturally, given the long winter, these bursts of colour inspire us to to emulate this style within the home. Think pastel pinks and lilacs weighted by softer greys and muted tones.
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Malcolm Walker, Director of Product
Malcolm Walker Director of Product

To keep this look edgy and dynamic, soft furnishings are paired with stronger, geometric statement pieces, and cooler textures can be added to keep your look strong and stylish.

Inspired by our latest lookbook, we walk you through how to successfully recreate our ‘Pastel Pop’ style in your own home.

Ground with grey

When you reflect on the spring and summer months, grey is not the first colour that immediately comes to mind; however, soft greys can provide the perfect foundation for brighter décor. For lighter pastel colours to really pop, a heavier base colour should be used to provide a much needed contrast. Walls should be painted, or wallpapered, in lighter greys to keep the room open and airy, whilst rugs and sofas can afford to be a denser shade.

Add bursts of statement colour

When looking to add pops of colour, it is important that you decide upon one or two accent colours that you can carry throughout the entire room. Keep the rest of the décor neutral with the aforementioned muted greys, or even mellow stone hues, whilst accessorising with various shades of your chosen accents. A few key pieces should add all the colour you need. Add dots of colour at different eye levels, such as coloured cushions to your sofa or chairs, some vibrant flowers to a glass vase, or a coloured lampshade to your floor lamp, to keep the colour scattered.

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Keep furnishings comfortable

This look should be playful and exude comfort, so consider this when choosing a sofa. Since relaxation is key, forgo hard-backed upright armchairs and opt for couches made for lounging. Corner style sofas work perfectly with this look, and large scatter cushions and throws can be added for extra comfort. If you prefer smaller pieces, you can choose oversized armchairs to retain that relaxed vibe.

Choosing statement pieces

To give this casual look a design-led edge, choose sleek geometric pieces to juxtapose with the otherwise soft furnishings. Sharp lines and angular wooden pieces will create a fantastic contrast, while items featuring cool materials, such as a chrome floor lamp or a marble coffee table, will add a sophisticated touch. Glass pieces also work well here, but keep them clean and simple.

Patterns can be used to bring this look to life and add a little personality. Whether through fabric or through a statement wall, use prints to create the illusion of texture. Pebble and marble prints will bring cushions to life, whilst rugs should be geometric or kaleidoscopic to draw contrast with your flooring.

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