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Making big furniture work in small spaces

A small home doesn’t mean no statement pieces. By following these tips, you can make sure your home is still dressed to impress in a way that feels cool and charismatic rather than cluttered.
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You might think that because your home is small you simply can’t get away with big, statement furniture. We’re here to tell you nothing could be further from the truth! Let your small space make a statement with furniture that demands attention.

When it comes to small spaces, it’s true – we do have to be selective. But who says that’s a bad thing?

Just because we can’t pick as many possessions, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t choose our favourite things (no matter what the size!). Your big, beloved velvet sofa, that oversized Persian rug or that grand upholstered bedframe? Don’t let anyone tell you they don’t belong in your home.

There are many tired, clichéd and traditional rules around furnishing small spaces. But rules were made to be broken, and we’re here to tell you how. A small home should never mean denying yourself big, statement furniture – in fact, we’re here to argue that it’s all the more reason to make those gorgeously grand pieces work. Read on to find out how to break these rules with style.

The statement piece

It’s a common myth that small spaces should be filled with small furniture – something about scale. But stuffing lots of fiddly pieces into a small room can actually make it feel more cluttered. Instead, we say go for one fabulous statement piece that becomes a focal piece for the room. For the living area, nothing beats a grand sofa that grounds the space and shows luxury knows no limits when it comes to size.

But what kind of sofa should you go for? Instead of that two-seat, low back sofa that’s often recommended for smaller rooms, we say go for a sectional, or modular sofa. Many would assume it’s a no-go, but it is in fact space-defining and the perfect statement for your small room. You can build it to suit your space. From sofa to loveseat to recliner to round corner edge, make your modular sofa work the way you want it.

Your bedroom needn’t feel cramped and claustrophobic either. There is no need to shove a small bedframe into the corner together with an even smaller bedside table, lamp and so on – instead, revaluate your space. The prime purpose of a bedroom is for sleeping in comfort, and what provides a more stylish focal point for a bedroom than a grand, glorious bed? We love the wooden Corndell Ambriella imperial bed frame with high foot end for a twist on a traditional bedframe with a contemporary and classy finish.

The multi-purpose furniture

Another way to fill your room with your favourite pieces is to go big on size, but even bigger on practicality. By choosing a statement piece that’s also a valuable storage system, you get the benefit of that big, breath-taking piece of furniture that simultaneously keeps the rest of your small space looking tidy and uncluttered.

One way to do this is with your coffee table. It’s up to you whether you want to let the table top speak for itself or dress it with flowers, magazines or table-top trays. We recommend a coffee table that comes with a drawer or under-shelf, perfect for storing away your things.

Big, bold lighting

When it comes to small spaces, the usual go-to is recessed ceiling fixtures to enhance the room without encroaching too much into the space.

However, an oversized ceiling fixture can create an eye-catching centrepiece that illuminates the whole room. We love abstract or sculptural pendants to give immediate ‘wow’ factor to your living area. Or go for a glass pendant light for a less weighty feel.

Another way to get in your big, bold lighting is to go for a loud and colourful floor lamp – the more audacious the better! Going for something narrow but tall means it won’t take up much footprint on the floor, but will still have a dramatic impact and add star quality to your space. Which brings us on to our next point…

Go vertical

If you want to save some space, go for tall, towering pieces of furniture that make use of vertical space as opposed to floor space. By bringing in pieces that pull the eye in an upwards direction, you’ll draw attention to the height of your room rather than the width.

A book lover? A tall bookcase adds tonnes of character and charm. Whether it’s fixed or modular, make a gorgeous display of all your favourite books, photos or other possessions.

And if you’re limited on space in the bedroom but still want to make an impact, a tall chest of drawers gives you ample storage and takes up little room. We love the narrow and well-designed Ercol Bosco 6 Drawer Tall Chest, which is the perfect piece for a compact area.

Oversized art work

Art is expressive – it can tell people about who we are, what our style is and add crucial character to a small room.

It’s a great way to make a strong statement without taking up too much space. We say go as bright and big as you dare – we love abstract or graphic oversized artwork that pops with exciting colours and textures.

Mirrors, mirrors and more mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall, make my room feel wide and tall! Let an extravagant mirror create an optical illusion in your home, expanding the size of the room and adding a window-like piece that reflects the light. We recommend mirrors that cover the length of your wall above a dining table, sofa or other focal point, or vertical mirrors extending towards the ceiling.

Or why not have your mirror make a statement in itself? We love a Baroque style mirror, a fashionable round mirror or a traditional style mirror with a bevelled edge to bring a sense of grandness to your room.

By now you should know that a small home should never stop you making the most of your favourite oversized furniture or splurging on big, statement pieces. By following these tips, you can make sure your home is still dressed to impress in a way that feels cool and charismatic rather than cluttered. So make a statement with furniture that demands attention and causes a conversation for all the right reasons.



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