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Bring the Outside in With 'Natural Woodland'

Throughout the S/S 2016 lookbook, we have seen elements of nature brought into the home. When dining this season, turn your space into a garden-like sanctuary, evoking the relaxing al-fresco feel of summer dining when you sit down for meal times. This fresh approach takes the formality out of dining, and creates the perfect setting for casual entertaining.
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Making use of light and natural textures, this calming and grounded look uses stone greys and botanical greens to mirror nature, allowing your indoor space to blend with the outdoors, creating an area that feels more open.

Here we explain how to recreate this look in your own dining space.

Go green

This look is all about nature and the woodlands, and so touches of green, combined with a variety of leafy plants, are imperative to this look. Think foliage rather than flowers to maintain the wild, yet urban, feel and add texture and depth via the use of green glass vases and ornaments. Keep the foundation colour strong and neutral. A stone grey background will add an industrial base and offers a great contrast for pops of colour.

Make use of texture

Texture and natural materials play an important part in this look. Here, the Mikado dining collection brings together wood, acrylic and glass, adding a sense of depth to the room. This look should be raw and earthy, bringing to mind the unrefined beauty of the forest. Knitted throws further establish the laid back vibe and offer a sense of comfort.

Clashing accessories

Accessories should be mismatched, in a variety of materials and patterns, whilst keeping to the colour palette. Use natural materials like cork, and display your chosen greenery in glass and ceramic pots of varying sizes. Small monochrome touches will draw the eye and serve to balance the dominant greys and greens.

Create space

To truly create this idyllic natural woodland in your own home, a sense of space is needed. This can be achieved through a variety of methods. Allow as much natural light into the space as possible and make use of glass and transparent pieces that will let the light better circulate around the room. Another way to create a sense of space is to keep furniture low to the ground, keeping the top half of the room completely bare, thus giving the illusion of height.


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