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If you’ve spent any time at all on the Furniture Village website, you’ll know that we’re big fans of accessories. A pop of colour from an accent cushion, the soft texture of a woolly floor rug, an eye-catching piece of art – they’re the pieces that make your living room feel beautiful, comfortable and inviting. But while you’re accessorising, don’t forget about those other home essentials. Yes, we’re talking about the more functional categories of clocks and lighting. Both provide a useful service (and, in the case of clocks, make a nice change from your smartphone or online clock) – and they’re also a great way to anchor a design theme in your home. Here’s a quick whirl through some of our favourite trends for timepieces and table lamps.
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**The trend: Antique design

**Roman numeral wall clocks and sculptural lamps

As a design element, the Roman numeral transcends history. Originating, as the name says, in Roman times, these numerical symbols are still easily understood today. Popular through Victorian times and into the modern day, wall clocks that feature Roman numerals feel solid and traditional, and are an easy way to bring an authentically classic quality to your home – with all the benefits of a finely-tuned modern mechanism. Our Roman numeral clocks are square or circular, have slender hands and often feature bright metal accents, delicate decorations and even exposed workings.


Greek and Roman influences are also evident in some of our more traditional lighting. Look out for tall, elegant and perfectly straight lamp bases, inspired by ancient architectural columns, urn-shaped ceramic lamps and even sculpturally-curved metallic bases.

**The trend: Victorian charm

**Station-style clocks and crystal chandeliers

If you like the idea of a traditional wooden clock, like a grandfather clock, but prefer a more modern update, the Victorian-inspired station clock might be right for you. Original station clocks were large, so that they could easily be viewed from one end of a station platform to the other, and our station-style wall clocks are equally impressive, with solid dark frames, clear white or cream backgrounds, black numerals and black hands. Love the style but don’t have the space? Look out for more compact table-top versions that still make a style impact.


Balance this distinctive monochrome look with something equally Victorian-inspired – highly decorative, high-shine lighting. Our pendant ceiling lights range from simple glass fittings to elaborate crystal chandeliers, and you’ll also find table lamps with intricate metal bases that display all the attention to detail of Victorian craftsmanship.

**The trend: Retro flair

**Vintage-style wall clocks and 1960 floor standing lamps

Drawing on inspiration from circular station clocks of the Victorian era as well as the simple shapes and bold colours of the 1960s, our collection of retro-style clocks and lighting is a great way to give your home a touch of vintage designer style. Look out for big and bold wall clocks – numbers are optional – with clear, easy to read faces. (They’re also a great way to teach younger members of the family to tell the time, analogue style).


Few things are more obviously 1960s inspired than a living room floor lamp. Chrome accents and colourful glass shades feel both pleasingly retro and stylishly contemporary, and are a nice way of bringing this look into a very modern home, as is the directional task lighting style popularised by Anglepoise. Or you could head back a few decades for your vintage style and choose movie set-inspired lighting, like a floor standing tripod lamp.

**The trend: Modern glamour

**Square wall clocks and geometric table lamps

These days, the wall clock is as much wall art as it is timepiece. Often square and frequently unencumbered by numbers, they’re stylish and minimal. At Furniture Village, we have a whole range of simple and sleek designs that look absolutely stunning on a feature wall.

Continue the angular theme with a modern glamour table lamp. Geometric metal or glass bases with square or rectangular lamp shades feel understated and contemporary in a modern architectural way. And if you want to make a real design statement, go oversized and on trend with a large grey table lamp.

So when it comes to accessorising your home, our recommendation is to fill your space with lighting you love, and a clock that’s as much a style statement as it is a timepiece. Then, the next time someone asks you, “When do the clocks change?” you’ll know that the obvious answer is “Never!”



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