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Choosing and styling your corner sofa

A corner sofa is such a versatile piece of furniture - cosy and space saving in a smaller space, perfect for creating an inviting seating area in a larger room. It’s quite possibly the friendliest form of seating, made for entertaining a crowd or chilling out with the family.
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A corner sofa is such a versatile piece of furniture - cosy and space saving in a smaller space, perfect for creating an inviting seating area in a larger room. It’s quite possibly the friendliest form of seating, made for entertaining a crowd or chilling out with the family.

While it may sit quietly in the corner, this is one piece of furniture that loves – and rightly deserves – the limelight. It naturally becomes the focal point of the room, so its size, colour, shape and how you style it makes a big difference to your décor.

Go for a colour you really love instead of the latest fashion… after all, you’ll be living with it for years to come. Fortune favours the bold, but remember too much of one particular colour can overwhelm a space, so try to balance a patterned or strongly coloured sofa with a knocked back decorative palette. If you prefer to change your décor regularly it could be a good idea to choose a sofa that’s neutral in colour. Then you can completely transform your room by changing your wall colour, cushions and accessories.


When deciding on the size and shape of your corner sofa, always keep things in proportion. A raised sofa with slender tapered legs, such as our gorgeous Copenhagen corner sofa, is compact and not too ‘boxy’, so it helps to create a feeling of space and light in a smaller room.

However, if your living space is well lit and spacious, you can afford to go for something bigger. The pillow back Carrara corner sofa with footstool is a great example. The versatile footstool can create a chaise end, while the modular design means you can create relaxed, bespoke seating. A corner sofa can also be multifunctional. Many of our large corner sofas even include sofa beds and inbuilt storage.

So you’ve chosen your beautiful L shaped sofa, now how do you style it? A lot depends on the style of sofa you’ve gone for. If you’ve chosen a sleek leather Italian corner sofa for a minimalist living room, for example, it’s probably a case of ‘keep it simple’ when it comes to your choice of coffee table – our Western coffee table and Curvo coffee table are just two of our beautiful, ultra-modern styles. However if you prefer casual décor then you can mix and match different shapes, colours and fabrics of cushion, and treat yourself to a coffee table with vintage appeal such as our Eton coffee table. Cushions are a fun way to express your style. If you prefer the natural appeal of Scandinavian design, choose textured weaves and contemporary patterns. Or, if you’re more into that shabby chic vibe, an eclectic mix of florals, velvets and satins piled high are the order of the day. A feature cushion adds a pop of personality – we love the fun number plate cushion and the funky beaded zebra stripe cushion.

Reversible scatter cushions are a versatile choice, allowing you to change your look instantly. One side can be a similar shade to your sofa or a complementary shade, while the other can be an accent pattern – think bold geometrics or funky florals – or simply a vibrant splash of colour.

Instead of spacing them equally along your corner sofa as if they’re lined up for a regimental parade, try grouping some in the corner creating a ‘nest’ with more at either end of the sofa. It’s a much more welcoming look. When it comes to grouping, groups of threes or fives are more relaxing to the eye than twos or fours.

Throws make a corner sofa feel cosy and welcoming, and leather sofas in particular benefit from the balancing softness of fabric. In winter, faux fur throws are delightful to snuggle up under, and look fabulous too. Or you might prefer the vintage appeal of velvet, or the contemporary style of a characterful knitted throw. Whichever you choose, don’t just dump your new throw anywhere. Fold it artfully and drape it over the back, or the arm, of the sofa.

You can take the colours from throws, cushions or the sofa itself and echo in well-chosen accessories. A vase here, or a bowl there or a colour in your curtains or blinds could pick up a similar shade or complementary colour, uniting your décor.

The beauty of a corner sofa is that it invites the placement of a rug and a coffee table in that space within the ‘L’. So instead of just a sofa, you have a welcoming relax zone. Make sure your coffee table is a practical choice. Glass tops and sharp corners don’t work with small children, for example. Many of our coffee tables include storage, useful in a smaller living room where space is limited. And some even have clever functionality, lifting up for TV dinners like our Elevate storage coffee table or, like our Tetrus coffee table set or Rings coffee table, extending for extra guests.

You can further define the space around your corner sofa with a statement floor lamp placed behind the sofa, or a table lamp on an occasional table to one side. And a masterful finishing touch is a large and striking piece of wall art on the wall behind. Once you’ve chosen and then styled your corner sofa, there’s just one thing left to do. Have a tidy up, stock up the fridge, and invite your friends round to admire the new undisputed star of your living room in all its accessorised glory. With your beautiful new seating, there’s plenty of room for everyone. Shop all corner sofas


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