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Colour blocking

Colour blocking is the latest and hottest trend of the year, and it does not just apply to fashion. When using colour blocking in the home it is possible to create a unique and stylish place to live that is easy to update. No matter which room in the house requires updating, colour blocking can work well to create a fabulous home, no matter what the budget.
Design Inspiration

Apex love chair

Although some people may not consider having a lime green chair in the home, the Apex love chair might just change their mind. The comfortable chair offers a cosy and comfortable place to sit and is suitable for almost every room in the home.

Set of 4 Neon chairs

For an ultra modern way to add colour to the dining room, this set of 4 Neon chairs could be ideal. Green dining chairs can be mixed and matched with other colours around the room to make an individual room in the colour blocking style.

Malibu Cushion

Need some accessories to make your room pop with colour? The malibu cushion is perfect with it's wonderful red hue and pleasing looking pleats. Mixing textures is also a key trend this Spring/Summer so this lovely cushion has got you covered.

Roxy corner chaise sofa

The Roxy corner chaise sofa in Sunkist could be the ideal addition to any home that is going for the colour block look. An orange sofa with a green or red cushion, such as the style of the Malibu cushion, could make a very bold statement in a living room. It could even be teamed with a brightly coloured patterned chair, in either a contrasting or complementary shade.

Tank plump swivel chair

To add a modern touch to a dining room or breakfast bar, the Tank plump swivel chair will be just the thing. The purple stool will add a bold splash of colour to these rooms that for some families are the social centre of the home.

If wanting to decorate the home using colour blocking as a way of adding a splash of brightness to a room, it is best to ensure that patterned fabrics such as curtains or carpets are changed. Patterns can clash with bright colours and spoil the effect of the room. Some simple patterns with only two or three colours, such as scatter cushions on a plain sofa, however, can look stunning.


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