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Cosy Small Sofas

When it comes to scoring high on the feel good scale, snuggling up on a cosy, small sofa is close to the top. Seating comfort comes in all shapes and sizes and sometimes smaller packages are exactly what is required.

With interior space at a premium, the emphasis on compact furniture grows. A large sofa can overpower a room, making it feel cramped. Consider size and scale when choosing pieces for your home and bring along a tape measure to avoid potential problems.

There are many places in our homes where a cosy small sofa is the ideal seating solution. Not only in sitting rooms, but kitchens, bedrooms and studies are all spaces where a small two seater sofa can add comfort and flexibility. Some homes have awkwardly shaped rooms or redundant spaces beneath stairs for example, that cry out for small, perfectly formed sofas. Compact fabric sofas, such as the two seater Ashley Manor Hennessy, slot elegantly into tight spaces, as does the Jessica small corner sofa. Both these seating ranges have a variety of configurations, making things a whole lot more flexible. Rooms without space to accommodate a large sofa can look fantastic when a small sofa is combined with a single armchair. This seating configuration gives maximum flexibility and adds balance to a room.

There is no need to squeeze large sofas into small spaces with so many models available in a choice of sizes. Take the stylish Actona Callao range, for example, this contemporary Danish brand with sleek lines and neutral shades, brings instant style to a room. Choose from compact two seaters or large, family comfort stations – it all depends on what you are looking for.

Classic, timeless designs such as the Westbridge Byron compact sofa will not dominate a room but fill it with a sense of easy elegance. The perfect solution for maximum style in minimum space, this two seater classic back sofa comes in tasteful shades of charcoal or heather and has a really sophisticated appeal.


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