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Dive into the Deep Sea

Bring the calming influence of the ocean into your home, and turn your surroundings into a deep sea inspired sanctuary by injecting your home with cool aquatic blues and rich navy tones this season.
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This look is one of our favourites from the Spring Summer 2016 lookbook as it is simple, serene and easy to recreate. The influence of our ‘Deep Sea’ shot can be seen in the sandy tones and relaxed style of key pieces within our current upholstery collection, as well as in our wide range of ocean blue and sea green accessories.

It’s easy to recreate this seaside style in your own home. By following these simple steps you can add depth to your interiors and let the fresh sea air into your home.

Make use of natural materials

This soothing look should stimulate the senses. Unusually shaped glass pieces, seen in the curved silhouettes of our glassware collection this season, will refract light around the room and imitate the effect of the sun hitting the surface of the moving sea. Natural fibres such as wool add a tactile touch, while wood and cork provide an unmistakable beachfront vibe.

Keep it rustic

This key here is to inspire relaxation and serenity - keep an air of casual calm with rustic touches. Instead of hanging large canvases and mirrors simply prop them against the wall, and make a feature of oversized vases by showcasing them in a corner of the room. This look should appear somewhat ‘undone’, so scatter cushions and knitted throws in a nonchalant manner for a stress-free atmosphere.

Nautical navy

Blues have continued to be prominent this season, and were a major influence on our palette when creating the latest collection. Taking a nod from the deepest sea, richer cobalt shades and nautical navy tones take centre stage. Notes of aqua contrast beautifully with the more prevalent darker hues, providing a freshness and tranquillity you can truly unwind to.

Sandy shores

As has been the theme throughout the Spring Summer 2016 look book, bursts of colour become more distinct when paired with an unassuming, neutral canvas. To emulate this look in your own home, we recommend keeping walls pure and simple, using sandy shades to offer a much needed warmth to the cooler blues. Exposed wooden floorboards work perfectly for this look – add a large rug for extra warmth and comfort.

The lighthouse effect

When creating this coastal theme within your home, it’s important to keep your lighting natural, with the main source of lighting coming from outdoors. For additional brightness position a spotlight floor lamp, like the one seen in this image, next to your window, allowing its beam to mimic the direction of the natural sunlight.


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