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Dust down your window shutters, Spring is finally here!

With options to suit every space, style and budget, the Shutterly Fabulous range available through us at Furniture Village has transformed homes nationwide.
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Once in place, interior window shutters are a sophisticated yet sturdy choice. But they do need some TLC too and Spring is the perfect time to spend a little time keeping them in a good shape.

If you have chosen a slatted design, you’ll love the way they can be adjusted to let in light and maintain privacy to suit your preference. However, like all surfaces in the home, they can also gather dust.

Yet with a couple of easy tricks, you can keep your shutters gleaming with a minimal amount of effort.

There are several types of duster available in all shapes and sizes to squeeze between the slats but a clean pair of old socks will do just as well. Simply place once over your hand like a glove, then rub gently over your shutters to clean.

This technique can also be useful even on solid shutters, which are a brilliant way to keep out light, noise and cold. These are often decorated with panels or groves in which dust can hide but where your hands can easily reach.

You shouldn’t need to use polish or any other product on your shutters – in fact, this may damage them ­– but if you are struggling, simply use a damp material for a deeper clean.

The best way to clean shutters

Whatever method you use, start at the top and work your way down, otherwise you’ll be spreading dirt over the areas you’ve just wiped.

As you start your shutter spring clean, take the opportunity to inspect your window shutters for any wear and tear. Do they still fit your window as designed or have they become warped or unfixed from their fittings? Do the mechanisms still run smoothly? Are the colours still as they should be or have they become bleached or faded by the sun?

If you have any concerns, it could be time to replace them (and that’s where we can help). The Shutterly Fabulous team here at Furniture Village will help you find the right product for you. From choosing the right design to final fitting, they are experts at shutters which can transform any room in the home.

If your current window shutters aren’t working for you, it could be that you haven’t had the right advice. While full-height shutters give an elegant, streamlined feel, they can be unsuitable for darker spaces where café-style half height shutters can offer both seclusion and luminosity.

Tier on tier window shutters offer the best of both worlds as these can be opened and closed separately throughout the day and into the night depending on your needs. Solid shutters, however, can help you create an enclosed and restful space to escape too.

Using only the finest quality hard wood, precision makers and installers, any problems you’ve experienced with poorer quality shutters should be a thing of the past with our service – it really lives up the “fabulous” name.

What’s more, you don’t have to shop around as Shutterly Fabulous guarantees every customer the lowest price in the UK for wooden plantation shutters and will happily match any like-for-like quote.


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