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Four Easy Ways To Make Your Living Room Cosy This Winter

There’s nothing more inviting or comforting than a room which looks and feels cosy in winter. Rising energy costs continue to force us to be shrewd with our heating use and most of us are just too busy in the months leading up to Christmas that we don’t have time to decorate accordingly. We’ve put together a few ways to make your home feel warmer in an instant, which will be favoured by all the family as well as be appreciated by your guests when they stay over or come for a visit.
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The right lighting can transform your room into a heavenly retreat. If possible try and style lighting from different levels which include table lamps and floor lamps. The aim is to produce soft pools of light which will create a feeling of intimacy and warmth – perfect for cold and dreary winter nights. From L-R Tripod Spot Light (instore only), Cowley Lamp, Osaka Lamp (instore only), Hinton Lamp, Volcanic Ball Lamp (instore only), Tripod Floor Lamp, Jeeves Floor Lamp (instore only), Volcanic Lava Lamp, Divers Floor Lamp (instore only).


Rugs offer a quick and easy way to add more warmth and texture into a room. Rugs will help to insulate and keep cold air trapped beneath the floor and create interest. Our hand sewn Pebble rug will certainly make the room feel homely and has a lovely feeling on your feet.

If you want to add some warmth through colour, the Paradise Rug is a good bet. Made from 100% wool, it is available as a multicolour option and not only looks fun but cheers up the character of a room instantly.

Multicolour Paradise Rug

Chocolate Pebble Rug


No-one will feel comfortable in a room that is cluttered and untidy. The easiest way to get a feeling of calm in the room is to keep things organised. Look for useful furniture items which tackle two problems at once, for example coffee tables with hidden storage underneath to hide extra clutter or bookcases that can also be used for storage space with room to display your favourite ornaments. We love the Darwin Coffee Table, perfect for modern living with its stylish contrasting black glass and pale oak exterior and hidden storage to boot.

Soft Furnishings

Dress your sofa in layers – especially as leather sofas in winter can feel a bit cold. Look for fluffy throws and add lots of comfy cushions to finish the look. Think velvety and soft to the touch to create the ultimate snug room. Our pick of the cushions includes the Faux Fox Cushion – its soft and silky nature feels great and looks elegant.

Or perhaps you’d prefer a sumptuous velvet cushion? The Harlequin Plain Velvet Bolster Cushions come in gorgeous jewel like tones and are filled with feathers making these a glamorous addition to your cosy retreat.

Faux Fox Cushion

Harlequin Velvet Bolster Cushion

Finally our Arctic Faux Fur Throw is ideal for draping around sofas or chairs or simply for wrapping yourself up in!


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