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Furniture Village And The Enfield Museum Attempt To Bring The World’s First Colour Television Home

To mark the launch of our Enfield store, we are celebrating the history of the town once described, as a result of its technology manufacturing industry, as ‘the British Silicon Valley’ – and its enduring legacy on our homes and living rooms today. We are teaming-up with the Enfield Museum to launch a search for Britain’s first commercially available colour television, produced in Enfield in 1967.

The Ferguson 3700 Colourstar was manufactured in the Ferguson Electronics factory on Great Cambridge Road, Enfield, and though thousands were sold at the time allowing the public to sit back and relax in an armchair, no British museum has an original set, and the Enfield museum is keen to obtain a 3700 Colourstar for display.

Search your attics and garages; rummage in your sheds and spare rooms and try and find this missing piece of British tech and domestic history. We don’t expect you to find one in full working order, but if you do, that would be a bonus.

If found, Furniture Village is offering a £500 Furniture Village gift voucher* to the first person who donates a set. The Ferguson 3700 Colourstar will be displayed for one month in the Furniture Village store in the Friern Bridge Retail Park in Enfield, before becoming part of the local museum’s permanent collection.

If you, or anyone you know, owns a Ferguson 3700 Colourstar, functional or not, please email us at

*Voucher valid on anything online and in-store. Valid until 31st January 2016.


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