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Furniture you couldn't buy in the 80's

When we think about advances in society, we usually think of architecture, technology, fashion or car design, but furniture doesn’t often come to mind.
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As this August celebrates the 25th anniversary of Furniture Village, we’ve been looking back over the years to see what products are available to buy in 2014 that were completely unheard of in 1989! Of course, you couldn’t have bought any of our products online in the 80s, but you couldn’t have bought any of these life-changing products in our first store in Abingdon, or anywhere else, either.

Your choice of entertainment; TV or music in bed...

In 1989 it was a rare thing to have a TV in the bedroom, let alone a TV inside your bed! TV Beds have become a modern trend, with people looking to save space in their bedroom and have somewhere to put a television that is close enough to watch from the bed without ruining the relaxing ambience of the room.

Available in a range of colours from neutral white and ivory through to chocolate brown and black, this bed is sure to complement any bedroom decor. Perfect for a couple or just one who enjoys stretching out on lazy Sunday mornings watching TV in bed.

Tempur Musica Double Bed Frame

If TV in bed isn’t your thing perhaps a musical bed is more your taste. Built into this beautifully designed bedstead is a high-quality audio system that lets you listen to your favourite music as you stretch out and relax.

Perfect if you’d rather keep your bedroom minimalistic, there is no need for a table for your sound system with this luxurious and comfortable bed. Simply plug in your mp3 player, USB stick or SD card, lie back and relax to your favourite songs in style!

Memory 5000 Double Mattress

25 years ago, a roll up mattress meant a thin uncomfortable mat you took camping. Now, Furniture Village offers the ultimate roll up mattresses.

This full depth full comfort mattress is rolled up in a vacuum pack, which means it’s compact and easy to carry and fit into a car or even to take on a bus or train. Once you’ve got it home, and carried it upstairs, round that tight corner and along the landing, simply open the packaging and the mattress pops out flat into the size and thickness of an totally ordinary mattress.

These mattresses are super convenient without compromising on comfort. The memory 5000 double mattress is crafted from pressure relieving memory foam that can mould itself to your specific sleep requirements.


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