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Glorious spring greens

Spring is the season of rejuvenation so natural tones are in vogue to reflect the changes taking place outside. There is no better way to bring the outdoors in than by reflecting the gorgeous spring green tones in furnishings.
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Green is a calming colour and pale shades create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere for any room. The Buoyant Alpha two-seater sofa is an excellent example. Covered in a luxurious, luna lime textured fabric, this green sofa beautifully combines modern style with an opulent covering.

Green also traditionally represents life, which is reflected in the fact that it is often paired with floral designs. The Buoyant City large sofa uses green as an accent colour on a predominantly neutral frame. The effect is an instantly recognisable contemporary shape and style, but the sleek lines are tempered for everyday living with the softer, detailed floral pattern of the cushions.

If green is the chosen accent colour for a living room, highlight it further by investing in a green chair. The Harlequin Juliet chair in grass is an elegant addition to any room and, as well as looking great, boasts deep cushions for comfort. Using cushions from the same designer, such as the Harlequin Pleated silk bolster cushion, ties the whole look together.

Green accessories can give a fresh look to existing furniture. Green rugs, for example, look fantastic when covering part of a wooden floor. The natural hues and materials complement each other and add an injection of colour to give a room depth. Try the Whisper Rug in apple for a more natural tone; a rug that demands to be walked on in bare feet.

The soft nature of green as a colour means that it is relaxing and easy to live with. It withstands the test of the seasons and can be teamed with a host of other tones. Furthermore, the range of shades available means there is certain to be one that suits every room of the house.


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