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Great looking comfort: 5 furniture designs you won’t know how you lived without

Some furniture is built with absolute comfort and just-plain-usefulness in mind. We take a look at five designs that you won’t know how you lived without.
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great looking comfort

Ever been to an impeccably designed home and wondered where on earth you’re supposed to actually sit? Or had dinner at a friend’s around a stunning antique dining table that, granted, looks gorgeous, but is so small you spend the entire evening bumping elbows with your neighbour? In interior design, comfort and functionality are often overlooked in the name of ‘style’. You only have to look at some of the more ‘out there’ designs to realise that some pieces are more a work-of-art than a genuinely useful household item.

But when we look at what we want to get out of our own interiors, it all boils down to the fact that a home is meant to be lived in. It should give you that unbeatable, dreamed-about-all-day comfort that helps you unwind after a hard day in the office. It’s supposed to enable you to do the things you want to do, no questions asked – host dinner parties, have guests to stay, sit comfortably in front of the telly – you know, the simple things. That’s why we’re a big fan of not just comfortable furniture, but all those nifty little inventions that, once invested in, make you realise what you’ve been missing all along. Here are five designs that excel in either comfort, usefulness, or both, and get you on your way to a home that’s truly liveable in.

great looking comfort - footstools

1. The Fabulous Footstool

It doesn’t get simpler than the humble footstool. This unassuming little piece of furniture is set to completely transform the comfort scene in your home. Gone are the days of plonking your feet on the cold, hard coffee table and getting sore calves in the process. Now you’ll be able to stretch out at ease, with a piece of furniture dedicated to propping up your feet. We love ottoman footstools, which add a cosy finishing touch to the living room with their plush, buttoned fabric and polished-wood feet. They have useful hidden storage and they’re usually cushioned with luxuriously soft foam, creating a perch for your feet that’s positively cloud-like.

2. The Easy Peasy Drop Leaf Table

Got a small dining room but like to entertain guests? Or perhaps your dining room is part of your open plan kitchen, which isn’t quite big enough for a full-sized table. The answer to this common conundrum has to be the drop leaf table. One of the niftiest inventions of the world of interiors, it’s guaranteed to save you space. Use it as a neat little breakfast table day-to-day, and pop it up to full size when it’s time to entertain.

great comfort_drop leaf table
great looking comfort recliner

3. The Relaxation Recliner

Much more than a prop for bachelor pads and ‘man sheds’, the reclining chair is revolutionary in terms of comfort for everyone, and there are lots of stylish options to choose from too. Think footstool level of comfort (see above), and times it by ten. Reclining chairs and sofas are an absolute must for those who like to get fully laid out and sloth-like while watching television in the evening. They’re for Friday nights in and lazy Sunday mornings; for movie nights, cosy nights and all the plain old catching-up-on-the-soaps nights. Basically, they’re for anyone who values comfort above all else. And trust us, once you’ve discovered the recliner chair, you’ll wonder how anyone can live with just a normal old sofa.

4. The Utterly Snuggly Snuggle Chair

If you don’t have a chair designed specifically for cuddling, yet you love nothing more than to snuggle up on the sofa in the evening, we have news for you: snuggle chairs are a thing. ‘But what sets a snuggle chair apart from a normal chair?!’ you might ask. And the answer is that it has everything to do with size. Take this gorgeous Copenhagen Fabric Snuggler Armchair, for example. It’s bigger than a normal armchair, but it’s not quite a two-seater. The result? A lovely, squishy, luxurious seat that you can snuggle up on with your other half (or dog), without feeling the cold draft that comes with roomier sofas. Bliss.

great looking comfort snuggler

5. The So-Not-Last-Century Sofa Bed

Sofa beds feel kind of retro, don’t they? But trust us, they’re just as valid now as they were in the ‘90s – if not even more so. Today, the once rickety old futon has become a fully functional, expertly designed, utterly chic item of furniture that’s not only a means to an end, but a gorgeous addition to sleek interiors. Just look at this Espirit Fabric Chaise Sofa Bed for example. Not only is it beautiful to look at, it pulls out into an additional sleeping space and has storage for pillows and bedding. A piece of furniture that’s both extra comfy and useful in multiple ways? Well that’s our favourite kind.

great-looking-comfort_sofa-beds great-looking-comfort_sofa-beds-2


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