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Hollywood Glamour

Are you a drama Queen or King? See yourself as a bit of a Monroe or Olivier? Maybe you just love a timeless style? No matter what, creating some old-fashioned Hollywood glamour in a room is much easier than you might think.
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Marilyn cushion

No film star oozed glamour like Marilyn Monroe, so why not add that glamour to your home in the form of this Marilyn cushion? Other stars feature in the range of cushions, but the Marilyn cushion will provide the finishing touch to your Hollywood themed home. Simply add one or two of these alongside a plain cushion to create the dramatic effect that you need.

Ondatta mirror

The golden age of Hollywood can really be brought into your home with features such as this Art Deco mirror. Mirrors are always useful for giving an illusion of space and light and this one does the job extremely well. The dramatic design of the panels of this Art Deco mirror ensure that it will attract a few admiring glances.

Drury Lane occasional coffee table

A mirrored coffee table is perfect for those who want to add a vintage or antique look to their home, even though this is a very contemporary design. A coffee table can be used to create a focal point in any living room and the eye-catching design of this piece is perfect. The antique finish of the table is a perfect continuation of the Hollywood glamour theme.

Tripod spotlight

This tripod floor lamp has been designed to resemble an old-fashioned movie camera. The design will not look out of place in a contemporary or traditional home and the lamp itself can be adjusted and tilted as needed, creating a focal point just where you need it.

Team these accessories with a luxuriously over the top sofa and you might as well be sitting in the Hollywood sign. So go on, you silver screen starlets, give your home the Hollywood glamour treatment.


Design Inspiration Hints & Tips
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