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6 reasons to watch the World Cup from the comfort of your sofa
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There are so many places from where you can watch the World Cup – from a Stadium in Moscow to your local pub. Here’s why watching from the comfort of your sofa wins, every time.

1. Economy.

Watching the World Cup from your sofa saves you money. A lot of money. For a start, you don’t have to get that round in for the twenty mates who’ve gathered to watch the game at the Dog and Duck. Not to mention all those taxi fares and consolation kebabs. Instead, why not put all that money you’ve saved towards the Copenhagen fabric corner sofa? it’s compact yet roomy enough to seat a select crowd.


2. Comfort.

Let’s face it, your own sofa in your own front room is much more comfortable than rubbing shoulders with an angry, shouting mob of disappointed England fans down the Social Club (and that’s just your aunties). Instead, why not relax at home on something large and comfy such as the Dune Corner Pillow Back Fabric Sofa with footstool, or stretch out in real style on the generously sized Alexander and James New England Newport 4 Seater Leather Sofa.


3. Health and safety.

We all know about those World Cup related accidents, such as punching the air and hitting the pub ceiling. Or watching on a large screen in the park and getting serious sunburn. Not to mention the perils of the Mexican Wave. The sofa is much safer, trust us.


4. Practicality.

Nowadays, many sofas are perfectly designed for watching major sporting events. Need somewhere for your beer? Choose one with cup holders such as the World of Leather Relax Station Loco Sofa. Need to rest your giant foam hand in comfort? The Salvador 2 seater leather sofa has generously wide, deeply cushioned arms. Nodding off during a boringly defensive game? Let the power recliners of the Loco sofa recline you to the perfect position for dozing off in comfort.


**5. Privacy.

**There’s no sadder sight than a grown man (or woman) crying like a tiny baby when England lose to Germany on penalties. If the worst should happen, it’s better to be behind closed doors.

6. Emotional support.

With your loved ones nearby, it’s easier to get over any major disappointments. Failing that, you can always hug a scatter cushion or two. We suggest the luxurious feather filled Dazed cushion. Go on, let it all out.


We think the above arguments are pretty conclusive. Your sofa is absolutely the best place to be during the 2018 World Cup. So fill up your fridge, put your feet up and get ready. You never know, this could be our year…


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