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How to accessorise your home for maximum impact

From the cleverly juxtaposed positioning of a wingback chair, to ornate mirrors, bright cushions and glossy metallic floor lamps, we look at how to accessorise your home for maximum impact.
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The renovation’s done and the new kitchen’s been fitted. The floors have been replaced and the walls have been painted. You’ve spent hours deliberating over which furniture to get and you now consider yourself an expert in overhead lighting (industrial-chic pendants, anyone?), yet your brand new, refurbished home still feels like it’s missing something. Are you looking for a way to tie that charcoal sofa in with the aubergine accent wall and raw wooden floors? We’ve one word for you – accessorise.

Your home can have all the beautiful new furniture and fresh paint in the world, but it won’t come together properly until you’ve treated it to the finishing touches it needs. In fact, it’s usually those final flourishes people notice first when they walk into the room, taking the rest of your impeccably designed home for granted. Statement mirrors and rugs are to your home what the statement necklace is to a little black dress or the glinting cufflinks to a tailored suit. They’re the accents that transform a generic show-home into an interior design masterpiece, making the whole place suddenly make sense. Whether it’s the unlikely placement of grandiose wingback chair in an otherwise modern room, or a beautiful, statement mirror in a pared back hallway, even just one carefully placed accessory can instantly uplift and transform your home. Read on to get started…


Let there be light**

Lamps really do make interiors shine. Not only do they give the perfect amount of ambience, and light the space properly, they look fantastic too and can zone a room in all the right ways.

As a rule of thumb, every room should have three forms of lighting: general lighting (that’ll be the overhead lights – check!), task lighting, and accent lighting. But don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds. Lamps generally fall into the task-lighting category, with floor lamps and table lamps providing adequate illumination for reading, socialising or general chilling in front of the telly, while retaining a feeling of cosiness in the room.

So which lamps are you going to love? If you’ve got modern interiors and have gone for a minimalist look, opt for sleek, floor lamps with sharp edges and clean-cut, neutral-coloured shades. Think stainless steels, whites, greys and blacks, and give anything patterned or ornate a miss. If your interiors are more cosy or traditional, make a point of lighting distinctive features and illuminating all those nooks and crannies with well-placed lamps and accent lighting. It’s all about fairy lights along wooden beams, integrated bookcase lighting, and table lamps with dimmers so you can make your snug chillout rooms feel even snugger.


Seating a-plenty**

We’re not suggesting that you incorporate chairs into your home that are purely for looking at (well that would be just silly), but it’s time to start thinking about seating as a way to accessorise your home as well as something to sit on. Placing a contrasting, chesterfield style wingback armchair like this one in a decidedly modern room, adds instant impact, making the space exude effortless, cutting-edge style.

Footstools and pouffes can also add an extra bit of handy seating and comfort to a room, and look fantastic too. When it comes to interior design it’s all about layering textures, and making sure there are lots of contrasting heights in a room too. If your living room is understated and stripped back, go for something with a burst of pattern – like an Aztec or geometric motif – to break up the room.


Magic mirror, on the wall**

No home is complete without at least one well-placed mirror in each room. They open up even the smallest of spaces. It’s all about maximising natural light, which a well-placed mirror can double… as if by magic. And it does well to think big, too. When it comes to interior design, avoid the placement of tiny objects in the middle of big walls at all costs, and never is this truer than when it comes to hanging mirrors. Always measure the space before you buy, and pick a mirror that’s large enough to not look lost. And if you’re accessorising a larger room, go for something that feels ever so slightly oversized when you buy it. Trust us, you’ll be amazed with the results.

When it comes to choosing where to hang your mirrors, go for central points to add a feeling of symmetry and openness. If your living room has a fireplace, it’s practically sacrilege not to highlight the feature with a statement mirror directly above. Of course, there’s always an exception to the rule, which brings us to our next point…


Making statements with art**

It may well be that you already own some beautiful pieces of art, and have based your interior design around those. For the serious collectors, there’s nothing more inspiring than the colours in a masterpiece when it comes to designing our interiors. Or, if you’re choosing artwork post-decorating, you could consider pieces that complement at least one or two of the main colours of a room. It’s all about drawing together those subtle accents of colour and ensuring your artwork harmonises with the room.

Accessorising your home is, of course, about making every room look relaxed, stylish and inviting. But perhaps more than this, it’s about finding your own look and expressing your creativity. What better way to say: ‘This is my home, and I love it!’

And we bet, once you’ve added all your carefully thought out personal touches, your guests will love it too.


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