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How to bring bright colours into your home

A new year brings new hope. If you want to make a room feel bright and energetic, bright colours can do the trick.
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Whether you opt for colours that share the same tone or choose to go for chalky pastels, muted neutrals or deep shades; there are quite a few colours you can play with.

Inject colour

Brighten up your bedroom by introducing brightly coloured beds like the bold blue Slumberland Wave Double Divan bed or our gorgeous purple Enya Double Bed. Also available in other bright colours, just ask our online team for more details.

Adding either of these to your sleeping space will show you’re bold and not afraid to use colour, whilst dramatically changing the look and feel of your bedroom in an instant.

Layer in colour

If you’re not sure what your favourite hues are, layering in colour is your best option. Keep the base of your room’s decor neutral and introduce bold accent colours using vibrant wall art or a Spacedust rug to create a bold contrast.

There’s no need to repaint your walls if you don’t fancy a decorating project.

If you prefer a more subtle look but want something that will still brighten up your space, changing the colour of your furniture or cushions can quickly and easily alter the mood of your room.

But adding colour to your home doesn’t mean you have to use the boldest and brightest shades. The Jensen Expression double divan bed in a neutral grey colour can add charm and sophistication to your subtle neutral scheme.

If you want to add an accent chair to a room, the Drifter Recliner Chair offers comfort, colour and style. Made from soft leather upholstery and deep foam cushioning, this armchair offers contemporary chic styling and allows you to relax when reading, listening to music or watching TV.

Experiment with stripes

You can keep your home feeling fresh and current by mixing and matching colours for a beautiful and eye-catching home.

Make a bold statement with a contemporary but arty accent chair. The Copenhagen accent chair is inspired by Scandinavian style and has clean colourful lines. Its supportive arms and back will give your home a comfortable and stylish touch.

Why not paint geometric lines alongside our Bordeaux painted bookcase to add sophisticated and stylish charm to any living room or home office?

A unique floor standing lamp will also illuminate and add personality to any interior, or take a look at our Kingsbury Bevelled Glass mirror and use it to reflect the colours you already have and make a room feel bigger and brighter.


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