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Embracing comfort: How to choose your first recliner chair.

Delving into the comfortable world of recliners? Here’s how to choose your first chair… and trust us, you’ll never look back.
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Once upon a time, the recliner chair was associated with ‘the couch potato’ – kicking back (literally) with a takeaway box on lap and channel surfing till the sun came up. Already popularised by TV shows over the years, recliner fame was boosted by everyone’s all-time favourite show Friends (Remember Joey and Chandler’s La-Z Boy recliners, anyone!?). And quite frankly, there’s a very good reason for the recliner chair’s popularity – they offer a level of comfort like no other chair.

Traditionally comfort came with a price – a compromise on style – but there’s simply no reason for that to be the case anymore. With so many shapes, sizes and styles now in circulation, it’s entirely possible to find the perfect recliner chair for your home. Getting it right means they look good and offer the crème de la crème of comfort, as well as helping to relieve aches and pains and improve posture. They can also help elderly and disabled people lead a more comfortable life.

So whatever the reason for your first recliner chair – whether you want it to rock, recline, swivel, lift or even massage – here’s how to choose the right one for you and make it work within your home.

What type of recliner?

The way to decide what type of recliner chair you want is to first think about your reasons for getting one. Is it for posture, pleasure, or are you someone who could do with a boost when it comes to getting up out of your chair? There’s a lot to consider before the chilling can begin, but asking yourself these questions will get you well on your way.

  • Manual or electric?

The standard recliner chair will recline when you lower the chair’s back, as well as extending at the front – and is usually operated by a manual lever.

Electric recliner chairs, on the other hand, usually function with the push of a button or a remote control. This enables you to put your recliner into various positions with more precision, as you can target each area separately rather than all at once.

  • Which features?

Once you’ve decided on manual or electric, it’s time to think about the various features you want your recliner chair to offer.

What about following in the footsteps of Joey and Chandler with a rocker recliner? These are great for many reasons, especially for parents who want a bit of comfort themselves while comforting their babies, or for those who find it easier to nap in a chair that has a soothing rocking motion.

Another type of chair to look out for is that of the riser recliner chair, which can be life-changing for the elderly or those with disabilities. This particular chair offers a rising and reclining motion which can help the user get in and out of the chair safely, easily and independently. If this could benefit you or someone you know, why not try the Parker Knoll Hudson Fabric Lift and Rise Armchair? It comes with a one touch 6-button control, which takes the user from fully reclined to standing effortlessly, and is recognised as a certified medical lifting aid.

For those that want to have the freedom of facing any way they desire with minimal effort, swivel recliner chairs allow you to turn 360 degrees and offer all the benefits of a recliner chair, too. Now that’s what we call all-singing-and-dancing seating!


What look should you go for?

It’s true that recliner chairs have had a reputation in the past for perhaps looking a bit out of place in the home. Historically they have erred on the big and bulky side, complete with unsightly mechanics.

This makes picking the perfect recliner for your home ever more important, as you want to make sure yours looks just as good as it feels. With that in mind, here are a few aesthetic considerations to bear in mind:

  • Leather or fabric?

First up, leather or fabric? Both have pros – leather is easy to clean, and is durable, sleek and stylish; fabric is cosy, comfortable and adds warmth to your room. It really boils down to your existing décor, as well as whether your seating needs to be mess-proof (if so, steer clear of fabric!). And last but not least – what’s the most comfortable type of upholstery for you.

  • Size?

Next, it’s time to think about proportions. It’s important that recliner armchairs have enough space to fit easily in your home without becoming the elephant in the room. Assess your room and make sure you anticipate how much space your recliner chair requires both upright and fully reclined. We recommend allowing at least 4 inches between a standard reclining sofa and your wall.

If you’re limited on space, a wall hugger recliner chair is great for giving you the ability to recline, while taking up a less floor space. The Snug Recliner Chair, available in both leather and fabric, is compact in design and made for smaller spaces, all while retaining optimum comfort and a dash of contemporary style.

  • Movie night mad?

Are you looking for luxury? If you want to be swept off your feet with a recliner chair that’s perfect for movie night magic, the Nicoletti Lucano Power Recliner Armchair is the one for you. It’s upholstered in extravagant premium leather, available in a wide range of grades and in a choice of rich statement colours. If you really want to embrace the movie theatre theme, go for regal red in Rosso 4310-29.

No matter your reason for investing in a recliner armchair, you can always find comfort without compromising on style. Whatever you go for, make sure that your head is fully supported by the headrest.

Now all that’s left to do is – quite literally – kick back and chill.


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