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How to create a tranquil office environment at home

According to the Office for National Statistics, the number of people working from home has risen to its highest level since records began. More and more people are discovering the benefits and flexibility from setting up a home office so that they can get a better balance between family life and work.
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Although working from home seems like a perfect option, it is essential that you create a dedicated and suitable area to work from in your home, so that you can concentrate on the tasks at hand without being distracted or disturbed.

Here we look at four simple ways to create a perfectly peaceful office space at home.

1. Create a barrier

If you are to achieve the perfect work/life balance that we all strive for, then an important goal is to separate your working life from your personal life. For people who work for themselves or work from home, then this is often a bit trickier. Not everyone has a large enough house to be able to dedicate a whole room to their office, but even if this is not an option, then you should do everything possible to try and separate off your working space from the rest of your home. Whether you choose a folding screen, a curtain or a tall bookcase, you can create a working area so that when you are finished for the day, you can leave your work behind and close off that space until the following morning.

2. Be tidy

Just because you don’t have a boss breathing down your neck about how untidy your desk is, it doesn’t mean that you can slack off with regards to cleanliness in your home office. A clean and tidy working environment allows a space which is better for concentration and provides less distraction, so invest in some good storage and a robust filing system, so that you can keep all your papers and working equipment in order. A statement bookcase in a striking design will add an air of elegance, give you something to admire during procrastination periods and keep the space organized. If space is a struggle, then wall shelves are a good option or opt for an alcove bookshelf that can easily be positioned into a tight corner.

3. Keep it light & airy

Although for many people there may not be an option about where to locate their home office space, try to opt for an area that is light, bright and preferably that has access to an opening window. Dark, humid spaces can often leave you feeling tired and lethargic, whereas a lighter space with plenty of natural daylight can promote a healthy, positive attitude to work, as well improving your general mood.

4. Stimulate your senses

If you are trying to instill a sense of peace and tranquility into your home working space, then an effective solution is to think about how you can stimulate your senses through smell and sight. Choosing some lightly scented candles or oil diffusers can help to achieve a calm atmosphere and eliminate stress, whereas brightly coloured flowers have been proven to enhance productivity, innovation, and well-being. Photographs and small sculptures can also help to provide visual stimuli, however, make sure you don’t clutter your desk too much so that it detracts from your work.


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