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How to create more chillout zones in your home

When our busy 9 to 5’s leave us feeling frazzled and on edge, coming home to an ultra-calming chill-out zone can work wonders for our well-being. But creating that sought-after calming space doesn’t just mean rethinking the décor in your living room.
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With a little thought, creativity and the right furniture, you can create tranquil zones in all areas of the house. From cute reading nooks and enchanted spaces to soothing outdoor spots, here’s how to create relaxing havens and quiet escapes in your home.

Make the most out of your space

Whether you live in a large country house or a bijoux inner-city apartment, there’s usually a way to get more from the space you’re living in. When looking to create chill-out zones, it’s worth taking a fresh look at all the nooks and crannies in your home to see if there are any you aren’t giving enough love and attention to. Do a quick inventory of all your infrequently used spaces, awkward spots and spare rooms, to see if any of them could be redesigned to create the perfect chill-out area.

Small alcoves under stairs are perfect as reading nooks. Simply scatter cushions around the space and add warming lighting, and you have a cosy spot for curling up and unwinding with a good book. Got a spare bedroom that’s not getting much use? While your extra room isn’t playing home to guests, it’s an easy double up for a relaxing movie den. Invest in a sofa bed with plenty of comfy sofa cushions, a film projector and some relaxing mood lighting, and you’ll have the ultimate home cinema. Empty hallways and lonely windows can also be the perfect spot for a comfy reading chair. Consider pairing it with a floor lamp, or small side table to give the space an inviting, laid-back feel


Get closer to nature

Quiet spaces and chill-out zones don’t have to be limited to indoors. Outside patios and secluded garden spots can make for an incredibly calm and relaxing space too. Don’t let the chilly British weather stop you from creating a garden escape, either. Simply add a few outside heaters, and plenty of thick woolly blankets to your new patio zone to help you unwind alongside nature.

Pallet furniture works perfectly in outdoor chillout spaces, as its stripped down minimal feel oozes instant calm. Make sure you top your garden sofas with outdoor friendly cushions in light and airy colours, and add twinkling lanterns for a close-to-nature spot you can read, relax and recharge in.

A simple wooden bench carefully placed in a hidden garden spot, is another quick and easy fix for creating a relaxing outdoor space. Have a wander through your garden and hunt out any spaces that have a magical feel. Place a charming garden chair or bench there to create a Zen area your family and friends will love relaxing in.

Choose Zen furniture to create a soothing vibe

Once you’ve found one or two cosy spots to transform into chill-out zones, make sure you pick the right furniture to bring that aura of calm to your home. Day beds and low sofas positioned carefully by large bay windows are a firm favourite, as they offer a comfy space in which to play, sleep, relax… or whatever else you and your family are in the mood for.

If you’re creating a movie den or play zone, a few colourful ottomans and floor cushions are great for lounging around. Group furniture closer together to inject a feeling of warmth into the room, especially if you’re trying to fill up a big room with lots of empty space.

No chill-out zone would be complete without lots of plump cushions, pillows, blankets and rugs. Try mixing up the textures and materials too – everything from soft velvets to textured yarns can work wonders in adding an extra layer of comfort to the space.


The right colour, lighting and music makes all the difference

Whether you can’t afford to splash out on new furniture or are just looking to add the finishing touches to your relaxing spot, choosing the right colour scheme is another easy way to add instant tranquillity to any space. Use a calming colour palette for your room, nook or cranny. Light and airy colours like white, soft greys, greens, blues or soothing lavender work best. You can also experiment with candles, oil diffusers or incense to bring a warming glow or soothing scent to your room.

If you’re looking to grab a few minutes of peace and quiet after a hectic day, listening to relaxing nature or instrumental music can quickly calm you down, and adds a soothing soundscape to your chill-out spot. If you have a surround sound system or high-quality speakers, consider placing them in strategic spots for a completely immersive relaxation experience.

Declutter, organise and simplify

Clothes, toys and papers strewn all over any room are a sure-fire way to ramp up your stress levels, even if you have nailed a calming decor. Studies have shown a messy room can raise feelings of tension, so make sure you declutter and simplify your space with clever storage and design. Consider buying wicker baskets, out-of-sight shelves and other helpful storage boxes so you can easily pack away your books, gadgets and other items.

Complete with comfy cushions, cosy lighting and chilled-out colour schemes, your Zen space will make it easy to hide away and switch off from the world. Living room, eat your heart out!


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