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How to find the right display cabinet for the right room

Gone are the days when display cabinets were only available in inticrately carved dark wood, in towering designs that dominated the room.
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Today’s display cabinets are stylish, modern and, dare we say, beautiful. And they’re not just for displaying trinkets and trophies, but are worthy of being on display themselves as an attractive integral design feature in any room. In fact, they’re often the finishing piece that brings everything together – that eye-catching flourish that not only creates a sense of harmony, but also gives a room that sought-after, glossy-magazine feel that can be so elusive.

But how to choose your perfect display cabinet? There are a variety of storage and design factors to consider, and they all vary depending on the room of the house, making the whole task a little more complicated that it might first seem. The challenge is not just finding the right display cabinet, but finding the right display cabinet for the right room.


The kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, it’s best to source a display cabinet that’s spacious and open. We’d recommend going for something with a mix of cupboards (on the bottom half) and shelves (on the top half). That way you’ll be able to display crockery, cookbooks and decorative bouquets up top, and stash away anything you want to store out of sight down below.

In terms of material and style, it’ll largely depend on your kitchen’s overarching décor. For country kitchens, go for a wood finish, natural or painted in a luxurious, traditional-chic shade of cream, eggshell blue or pale green. For a more modern space, opt for something with plenty of straight lines and an overall minimalist vibe. Think clean, square cubbyholes and glass detailing instead of rustic shelves and ornate flourishes. We love this ALF Palermo Display unit, which expertly blends cubist shapes with sleek glass and modern spotlights for a piece that feels contemporary but not overdone.

The living room

Living room display cabinets can be tricky to master as there’s nothing worse than an overbearing block of furniture in a room that’s too small to handle one. And, as living rooms are full of other bulky stuff too (sofas, TVs, etc.), you’ll need to get the balance just right. You might find the best way to incorporate a display cabinet into the room is by investing in a decent TV display unit that comes with plenty of additional cupboard space and shelves. For example, this Junction Medium TV Unit is sleek and understated, but offers plenty of space for not only the telly, but stacks of DVDs, books and other miscellaneous items too. The fact that it’s low to the ground will mean it’s not overbearing and won’t take up much-needed space.


The dining room

How is that one home can end up with so much dining stuff? From piles of plates and hand-me-down china, to more knives and forks than you can ever hope to get around to using (no matter how big the dinner party), it can seem neverending. Nonetheless, you shove it gracelessly into boxes in the attic and cupboards under the stairs, for it never to see the light of day again.

Our top tip for you? Pick out enough stuff to fill a newly bought dining room display cabinet, and ditch the rest. There’s something therapeutic about having all your dining bits and bobs to hand when it comes to serving up, and by investing in a brand-new piece of furniture, you’ll feel obliged to make use of it properly. Be sure to pick something with ample storage, like this California Display Unit , which looks gorgeous and has more than enough room to stack all the dining equipment you’ll ever need.

The hallway

Feel that your hallway is missing something? It can often be the case that the entrances to our homes are neglected when it comes to furnishings and finishing touches, leaving us with that annoying incomplete feeling that brings the rest of our interiors down.

Enter the humble display cabinet (we know, you saw that one coming). Joking aside, though, the right piece of furniture can really bring your hallway to life, and can be incredibly practical when it comes to storage too. For hallways, slim wall display cabinets work well as they don’t take up too much space and are less likely to pose as an awkward obstacle (you don’t want people catching their elbows as they come into the house). Alternatively, you could go for something less traditional, like this quirky . Made from industrial-style metal and solid reclaimed pine (and with a characterful wine rack in the lower half), it combines effortless vintage charm with an unusual but timeless style.

People often don’t think of display cabinets as an integral part of interior design. But that’s because they’re viewing them in all the wrong ways. Far from a stuffy old piece of furniture from times gone by, a display cabinet has the potential to not only complement a room, but completely transform it.



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