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How to Perfect the Painted Furniture Look

You and your neighbours might have style that's as different as chalk and cheese, but what you almost certainly have in common is owning a piece of painted furniture.
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A trend which is uniquely versatile, it continues to attract fans of vintage vibes as much as modern minimalists.

As it came to prominence when the much-loved shabby chic craze first caught on, many are tempted to simply slap some paint on to items of their choosing to achieve this look.

But this can be incredibly time-consuming and, sometimes, produce disappointing end results.

There’s no denying that what appears to be straightforward actually takes a lot of skill to master.

No matter how handy you are, hours of preparation and planning are required to create a beautiful piece of painted furniture that lasts.

That’s why it really pays to leave it to the experts. Instead of going to a lot of effort and expense on your own, let us do the hard work for you.

Our range of painted furniture extends from wardrobes and beds to coffee tables and dressersand everything in-between.

With many items available in a selection of finishes, you can choose the colour you want without ever having to pick up a paintbrush.

Country chic

To create a luxe country feel, take a look at our Bordeaux range.

Bordeaux Painted 3 Door Oak Sideboard by Furniture Village

Featuring matching TV units, dressers, dining tables, chairs and more, you can add individual items to suit or order complementing pieces to revamp your key living spaces.

Why not mix and match by choosing different shades? Use the warm Ivory colour in enclosed spaces and the richer Rockford in rooms that benefit from a lot of natural light.

Both are elegant and muted colours but one of the joys of buying painted furniture is you can also go for something really vivid.

Our extending dining tables can show how smart this style and practicality can make the perfect combination. Our popular wood frames come in a variety from whitewash oak veneers and contrasting oak table tops.

Fun combinations

For fun combinations that are sure to stand out, our Bright Ideas kids range is a guaranteed winner.

There’s a chest of drawers with not one, not two, not three but four different colours, a wardrobe available in eight different colours including orange, green and purple and a bed with multi-coloured spindles.

All white on the night

Of course, you don’t have to go bright when it comes to painted furniture.

Pure white is a timeless choice for a painted bed, for instance. It’s also versatile as this neutral hue is at home in a guest bedroom, a main bedroom or kids’ bedrooms.

Our double beds are durable and will continue to look fantastic for years, no matter how often you change your decor.

Just remember that if you do update your bed, check your mattress too because, as Bed Retailer of the Year, we recommend changing mattresses every eight years in order to look after your health and preserve your sleep regime.

So if you covet the kaleidoscope of colours which painted furniture can offer, take our advice and give doing it yourself the brush off. Buy it instead.


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