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Keep the Kids Busy This Summer

Struggling to think of ways to keep the children entertained this school holiday without breaking the bank? We’ve got some interesting, easy ideas to make the most out of your family time together this summer.

Make a tent

Kids love to build forts and make dens, but this isn’t always practical. Instead of using furniture and sheets, craft your own indoor tent that is both reusable and storable. Simply screw a hook into the ceiling of your designated play room and hang a large, long piece of material from it. Half way down the material sew in an old hula hoop or ring of plastic to create your very own stylish and durable kids play tent. Your little ones will have hours of fun using it for role-play games and story time.

Wii games

Children can go crazy with boredom when they’re confined to the house on rainy days. If you have a Wii, invest in active games such as Wii Sports and Wii Ski and Snowboard which you can all play together as a family. When it’s too rainy to play outside, Wii games can be a great interactive substitute for sports and games and will tire children out just as much as a day at the park.

Kids yoga

Think yoga is just for grown ups? While kids may not fully understand the idea or be able to do some of the poses, teach them some basic moves like balancing on one leg, planking or doing the downward dog pose. Both you and the children will be able to relax and unwind while also keeping fit and having fun, either outdoors or inside.

Toasting marshmallows

In the evening, put up a small pop up tent in the garden or take out some cushions and blankets. Sit round a small camp fire or chiminea and sing songs, toast marshmallows and tell spooky stories to recreate the typical woodland camping scene in your back garden.

Going to the beach

Family beach trips can be about more than just parents sunbathing while the kids build sandcastles. Take some string and collect some shells to make shell necklaces, or take a shoe box and collect pretty pebbles to create a mini rock garden in a box. Rock pooling and flying kites are also great family beach activities.

Water play

From toddlers to teens, kids love water play. Get some cheap water pistols and buy some balloons to fill with water so children can have water fights in the garden. Get the hose out and ask kids to help water the plants (you may end up getting soaked) or get out the paddling pool so the smaller ones can have a splash. For toddlers, fill storage boxes or washing up bowls with water and add bath toys or small pots and cups for extra fun.

Ice lollies

Kids love refreshing treats in the summer, but there’s no need to spend lots of money on boxed ice lollies. Buy some fun shaped ice lolly makers and get kids to help fill them with anything from lemonade, juice and flavoured water to smoothies, milk shakes and chocolate mousse. Add hundreds and thousands, fruit pieces or chocolate chips to get even more creative.


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