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Learnings from a Mediterranean Villa: how to bring that holiday aesthetic home

Lusting after the Mediterranean style of sleek Ibizan villas and Greek apartments? Here's how to bring it home, whilst making it work with the British clime.
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It’s impossible not to lust after Mediterranean life. Perhaps it’s our daydreams of the laidback lifestyle, sandy beaches, sun-kissed skin and seafood restaurants. Or maybe it’s those light and breezy villas with their ocean views and Mediterranean décor – a décor that’s influencedby the many regions that border the Mediterranean Sea, from the minimalistic charm of whitewashed Greek apartments to the grandeur of Italy to Spanish rustic charm.

While we can’t all have domed arches, mosaic floors and sweeping verandas (no matter how much we wish we could!), there are ways we can take inspiration from our favourite holiday homes to give our interiors a little bit of sun-drenched ‘je ne sais quoi’.

A colour scheme for sunny climes

One thing you’ll immediately notice about Mediterranean villas is the expansive white décorand ethereal quality. This gives an instantly clean, breezy base for your home – from your walls to your floors to your bed linen – and should be paired with earthy neutral tones and sunny bursts of colour.

If you want to nail European exoticness, add summery accent colours of terracotta, azure blue and emerald green. Breezy white plus natural and earthy colours combined with blues and greens will give the illusion of golden sand and splashes of sea, bringing the stunning shoreline to your home. Try to aim for a neutral backdrop for the more vivid colours – thinkcushions, throws, ornaments and artwork for pops of coastal colour in all the right places.

Thick, textured rugs

From Santorini to Sardinia, you’re guaranteed to be greeted with ceramic or stone flooring that runs throughout the home. While this might not be practical for the British climate, a neutral flooring is a must, as is a bright, geometric rug to add a taste of the Med to your home.

The more textured, patterned and bold the better. This look is all about organic and natural fabrics, paired with traditionally intricate patterns and bright colours that mirror the mosaics found in faraway destinations. From vinyl to hand woven, Moroccan-inspired patterns are especially perfect in this setting. Or if you fancy a North African Mediterranean look, go for rugs made of wool or silk, traditionally made to provide warmth against the cold tile floors.

A mosaic masterpiece

This brings us perfectly to the heart of all Mediterranean design – you guessed it, the mosaic! But while the tiled floor may work all over a summer house, it might be overkill when itcomes to the chilly UK.

With that in mind, it’s all about working in this traditional design element where possible. Think bathroom tiles or kitchen table tops, as well as arty ornaments throughout your home.We particularly love mosaic vases, fruit bowls and wall-mounted mirrors that incorporate the Med mosaic look without requiring a full-scale renovation. If you fancy yourself as a creativetype, consider refurbishing old furniture with your own unique patterns, whether that’s coffee table tops, or framed art for your home.

Marble dining tables

Natural stone is a staple in every summer coastal villa. From marble to limestone, natural stone brings sophistication and stateliness to any room. Think archways, work tops, floors,patios, sculptures and even archaic-looking fountains.

One way to bring in the grandiose, airy feel of the Med whilst still fitting in with the British climate is to explore the world of marble dining tables. This will achieve the opulent, luxurious look that the Med is so famed for. If you’re looking for something that fits the whole family, go for the Wind Dining Table – sophisticated and striking, it exudes the elegance of a traditional Mediterranean dining table, plus each table top is uniquely and authentically marked. If you’re looking for something a little smaller, the Troy Marble Dining Table is just as striking if not as grandly sized – it’s perfect for a smaller room. And as it’s available in both brown Spanish marble and stunning white Volka marble, you can choose to use it as either a neutral accent or a white base in your overseas-inspired sanctuary. The gold finish adds a modern and stylish touch.

Bringing the outside in

From Monaco to Greece to Malta to Cyprus, Mediterranean décor is especially famed for itsseamless blending of the interior and the exterior. Where possible, incorporate elements from the great outdoors – whether it’s fresh or dried flowers, wreaths, wildflowers or sprigs of leaves dotted around the room. These will add a natural freshness in keeping with theMediterranean rule of using nature as a design inspiration throughout your home.

It’s for this reason that wicker furniture is so appropriate. Invest in a single wicker chair to add a touch of natural charm to any room, replicating that sleepy balcony-spot you curl up into after a long day in the sunshine. Want even more woven furniture? Weave it into your home (pun very much intended) through corner-room baskets for books, towels or linens, as well as investing in woven accessories like table mats and coasters for your table.

The wrought iron influence

Finally, wrought iron is the look to go for when it comes to Med-inspired décor, with its uses ranging from romantic vine-covered gates to balconies with sea views and more.

This versatile material can be used as an iconic accessory in your home, too – and one way to do this is through lighting. We love metal lanterns for that must-have Mediterranean ambience, whether you use these indoors or out in the garden to decorate your patio or terrace. Alternatively, metal decorative ornaments are another great way to subtly pick up this style. Though wrought iron can be hard to come by, using any sort of iron or iron lookalike will work just as well!

By now you should know you don’t need to fly hundreds of miles to be met with Mediterranean style. Just remember – it’s all about white expansive décor, warm and neutral colours and textures combined with sparse pops of Mediterranean colour. We might not be able to promise you the sun, sand and sea (you’ll probably have to hop on a plane for that),but hopefully we’ve helped bring a bit of that gorgeous holiday style right to your doorstep.


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