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Meet the Furniture Village and Netmums Mini Inventors of the Future

25th Anniversary Celebrations Saw Furniture Village Collaborate With Netmums To Find Mini Inventor Of The Future

As part of our 25th anniversary celebrations we challenged Netmums’ ( users to ask their children to think of new ideas for products that might be used in their homes in the future. Children across the UK got creative, and we received over an impressive 700 entries. Eight lucky children were selected as final winners, and Furniture Village awarded them for their innovations.

“We are glad that so many children have been involved in the competition and it is heartening to see the great level of care and thought that went behind the winning inventions” says Charlie Harrison, Furniture Village’s Marketing Director.

The Toy Hoover

Bennet Wheeler is 4 years old from West Sussex Bennett anticipated The Toy Hoover invention, which suctions up toys into a box automatically when it comes to tidying up time.

Rainbow Maker Bubble Bike

Isabelle Martin - 5 years old from Warwick Isabelle imagined a bike that would disperse rainbows from behind and bubbles from the front of the contraption and is powered by the cyclist as they pedal.

Sweet Dreams Pillow

Hayden Flockhart - 8 years old from Kent Hayden invented a pillow with a remote control, which allows you to turn any bad dream you are having into a good one whilst you sleep.

Ice Cream Creator

Ben Dickson - 9 years old from Lanarkshire Ben’s love for ice cream and hatred for vegetables made him come up with his invention that would turn any food you like into ice cream.

Magic Food Maker

Robbie Wallace - 7 years old from Midlothian Robbie invented The Magic Food Maker that can tell you exactly what you fancy eating and is then able to cook it for you.

Ruby The Robot

Evie Wilkins - 7 years old from Yelverton Evie designed and invented a machine that would interact and play with her during the day. Ruby The Robot also functioned so that when Evie went to bed, it would tidy her toys up for her to ensure she gets to bed on time.

The Recycle-ator

Sophia and Nadia Suleman - 11 & 8 years old from Birmingham Sophia and Nadia, modeled and invented a bicycle that would recycle items automatically as you pedaled.

Magic TV

Lily Devereaux - 6 years old from Milton Keynes Lily invented a magic TV and remote control that could zap and transfer you into the scene on screen so you can play with the products being advertised, meet your favourite celebrity, or go on holiday at the touch of a button.


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