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Nude Furniture

Does the thought of going nude appeal to you? Obviously we are referring to the the furniture in your living room! Nude coloured furniture is the latest trend that will help you create a modern and sophisticated interior.
Design Inspiration

Jemima Leather Recliner Chair

Those who prefer to have seating reserved just for themselves need to look no further than this comfortable recliner chair. Boxy and compact, it nevertheless has deep-filled seat and back cushions that provide ample support for the body, as well as padded armrests. Even the feet and legs are supported with the recliner action, which can be manual or powered, depending on individual preferences.

St Lucia 2.5 Seater Sofa

This sofa has a wonderfully modern feel about it. A boxlike construction, it presents clean edges and lines, while still delivering high on the comfort front. The seat and back cushions are fixed in place to prevent sagging, and support the body. The frame is covered in super-soft leather upholstery, helping to create a calming and tranquil environment to relax in.

Blaze 2 Seater Sofa

Almost the opposite to the straight lines of the St Lucia sofa, is this nude sofa with plenty of curves. A compact piece of furniture, this sofa is ideal for those with smaller living rooms, but who do not want to compromise on comfort. The cushions are designed to mould to the contours of your back providing all the seated support you could possibly need. The nude coloured leather upholstery is pleasingly contrasted with dark-wood feet.

Ronson RHF Corner Chaise Sofa

The perfect nude furniture for large families, this corner chaise sofa provides a great space-saving solution, as it can be placed up against a wall to form continuous seating or be placed in the middle of a larger living room to act as a defined central seating area. There is comfort here too, with both ends having a reclining function, one manually powered, the other electrically powered.


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