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Purple Haze

Once upon a time, purple was the royal colour that ordinary people were forbidden to wear. Now it is the hottest thing on the high street, especially when it comes to furniture. The soft, velvety fabrics used in our range of purple furniture, really bring out its depth and richness, making your home feel regal and luxurious.
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G Plan Yale leather accent chair

Beautifully designed and upholstered in high quality leather, this sleek purple chair makes quite a statement. A stylish addition to your living room or home workspace, it is an item that will grow even more comfortable over time and will never stop looking good.

Spectrum 5 5-drawer chest

Few pieces of purple furniture are more striking than this bright, glossy chest of drawers, which will look stunning in any bedroom. Brushed metal handles complete a look that is sleek, sophisticated and very, very modern.

Pebble cushion

Resembling nothing so much as a bunch of grapes or ripe berries, this charming little cushion has oodles of character. It is delightfully soft to lean against and looks fantastic either alone or as part of a cushion collection.

Harlequin Isabelle 3 seater sofa

A sure-fire way to change the look of your living room, this spacious purple sofa is built for comfort and is just the thing to curl up on after a busy day. Trestle feet make it easy to reposition and it is designed to be fully supportive.

Byron compact 3 seater sofa

Elegant modern design makes this gorgeous sofa look good in any home. Fashionably broad and low, it has a sturdy look that complements its textured fabric upholstery. Muted tones combine the luxury of purple with a minimalist aesthetic to great effect.

With so many appealing options at your fingertips, it is easy to see how purple has made such a comeback. If you really want to make your home your castle, this is the way to do it


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