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Shelving and Storage Ideas to Make Your Home a Clutter Free Haven

There is just something so beautifully calming and tranquil about being able to section your DVDs into perfectly numbered sets that slot snugly into a shelving compartment. Yes, we’re talking shivers-down-the-spine satisfying storage spacing.
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Shelving and storage units accommodate everyone, from minimalist advocates to knick-knack lovers alike and they are an essential aspect to just about anyone’s home. Here at Furniture Village, we have many examples of each that can help accentuate your preferred style, from the sleek to the ostentatious.

Firstly let’s take a look at shelving. Clutter can very much be a nuisance to many, occupying our shelves haphazardly in a way that come across as messy rather than charming. However, with the right approach clutter can be organised into something spectacular. To refer back to our previous films comment, a well organised, yet jam packed shelf is a proud way of displaying your outstanding taste in DVD’s.

For those who prefer less of a chaotic aesthetic for the more simple feature pieces, this is certainly achievable with selecting an accessory that reflects the room’s décor, yet also pops out from the entire room. This raises the opportunity to add a splash of colour or decadence to your living space.

For example, everything looks far more chic with a glass pear vase.

It’s not just the feature pieces that can make a remarkable appearance but the actual shelving unit itself. This Pelham Alcove Unit with its moveable storage boxes allows you to make your own custom and unique displays of whatever you decide to store in there. Its versatility and manoeuvrability allows you to keep bringing a fresh look to your home by simply switching around the boxes and updating your display.

Sometimes there are things that we just do not wish to display, whether it’s the eyesore of loose paperwork or the extra special crockery and cutlery that resurfaces at holidays and Christmas. Instead, we opt to place them in spaces such as sideboards and cupboards in our living and dining rooms. The practicality aspect of drawers and their ability to hide away clutter is an advantage we all take use of. This also means that we have scope to make these units visually appealing and in line with the theme of each room!

There are a range of designs from country cottage knotty pine, to modern chic metal and glass incorporated units, all of which can be used as ideal storage space. Each individual piece can be made unique by using your own interior designer’s eye and a range of accessories.

Whether you’re proud of your trinkets, or prefer simple standout ornaments, shelfing and storage units certainly are the perfect way to create your clutter free haven.


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