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5 striking table lamps that will instantly transform any room

Looking to add some beauty and style to your home? Then here are 5 striking table lamps that will instantly transform any room.

Whether you’re craving a set of bedside table lamps to make the perfect boudoirstatement, or are considering a few new additions to your lounge’s lighting – this list will offer you all the inspiration you need.

As stylish as they are practical, we think table lamps are one of the most underrated interior design accessories out there and many homes simply don’t make enough of them (a couple of token gesture, blend-into-the-background lamps per room is not going to cut the mustard, we’re afraid).

With some fab designs to choose from that not only help with ambience, but also stand out as gorgeous, eye-catching statement pieces in themselves, it would be a mistake not to enhance the design of your home with your lighting choices. If you’re not sure what style of table lamp would suit your home, here are five utterly gorgeous and, dare we say it, game-changing table lamps that will instantly transform any room, and get your creative juices flowing too:


1. Black wood tripod table lamp

If you love all things retro, why not introduce some vintage Hollywood glamour into your home with this bang-on-trend Black Wood Tripod Table Lamp? Complete with stylish antique-brass-finished casing, this art deco beauty is supported by sleek, black tripod legs, plus it has moveable shutters and an authentic rotating head light too (quirky old-school charm? Triple check!). Use it to set the mood in your home, or for directional lighting when you’re reading, writing or painting.

This lamp is the perfect choice for movie buffs – or anyone who simply loves to introduce striking conversation-starters in the form of accessories to their home. And thanks to its timeless style, it will look as good in ten years’ time as it would have in the fabulous 1920s.

Ideal pairings:

Make sure this table lamp isn’t the only quirky accessory in the room, but don’t overdo it. It’s all about creating that perfect balance between intriguing charm, and chic, tasteful design that just makes sense.

2. Larissa table map

Have you ever seen a gorgeous lamp in a boutique hotel or a restaurant and mused 'if only I could have something as beautiful as this in my home'? Well, we may have just the thing. Our Larissa Table Lamp – featuring a distinctive faux-silk drum-shaped shade – hits the spot in a number of ways.

With a smart circular chrome base and a sophisticated glass-bauble pillar with chrome beads, it’s elegant to the core. And with its striking hand-blown look, it adds that (sometimes hard to achieve) luxury-but-not-tacky feel to the space. Go for the iridescent glass option with an off-white shade if you favour all things light and airy, or choose smoky-grey glass with a grey shade for rooms characterised by richer colours.

Ideal pairings:

This lamp looks beautiful on a glass coffee table or bar table, and also makes the ideal companion for an unusual vase or other types of glass art


3. Finn task table lamp

For those that love an accessory that’s as practical as it is stylish, our Finn Task Table Lampwith a metallic shade is perfect for reading or writing thanks to its nifty movable head. Plus, with a sturdy, circular marble base and a slender polished metallic stem, it's versatile, stylishand space-saving.

Embrace the industrial-meet-glamorous trend with either of the lamp’s colour coordinations, whether that’s black and antique copper, or edgy white and gold.

Ideal pairings:

Work the laid-back industrial look by placing this sleek lamp on a rustic wooden table, tying things together with copper-coloured or rose-gold accessories.

4. Cara table lamp

For those who love all things modern but with an earthy, nature-inspired twist, it has to be the pared-back Cara Table Lamp. Its ombre-effect base is made with a hand-prepared glaze for that raw, unpolished vibe, with each glaze transformed during the firing process so every lamp is unique. Its large, clean-cut black shade is understated and chic yet draws the eye, which is what we like to call an interior design hat-trick.

Ideal pairings:

Striking and endlessly tasteful, this lamp deserves to be paired with other muted, equally beautiful shades – think pastel coloured walls and rustic earthenware in pebble tones.


5. Pylos table lamp

Lovers of all things unusual and eye-catching should go for the stunning Pylos Table Lamp, which somehow manages to marry the traditional and the quirky. Its classic Chinese ginger jar shaped base is decorated with a hand painted shoal of cream fish against a gorgeous deep blue background – a classic colour scheme perfect for living rooms or bedrooms.

Ideal pairings:

Place against a white or cream backdrop to really let the patterned base stand out. This is one lamp you won’t want to let fade into the background.

It’s easy to overlook lamps when it comes to interior design, but the right choices really can bring a room to life (and not just because they help to light it up). Think of your lamps like little punctuation points all around your home. They illuminate things in a lovely, ambient way that simply can’t be replicated by overhead lighting, but they offer so much more than that too. From pulling together colour schemes to warming up a cold corner, they’re multifunctional to the core. And that’s just the kind of home accessory we can’t get enough of.


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