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The Toys of 25 Years Ago

25 years might seem an awfully long time ago for some, but for the rest of us the 1980s seem like yesterday. Today we covet a beautiful sofa or a stylish dining room, but back then it was all about Slinkies, Soda Streams and Scalextric. We asked the team to reminisce about the good old days when summers were hot, sweets came in quarters and scrunchies were day-glo.
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What toy did you really, really want in the 1980s?

Cabbage Patch Dolls

At 3.5 years old I found myself in Toys ‘R’ Us with my mother, father and brother. For weeks I had been hounding my parents for the doll I’d seen on telly. It was the coolest doll on the playground. After hours of staring at the vast array of Cabbage Patch Dolls on the shelves, I chose one that looked just like a mini-me, with dimples and green eyes to match. I named her Ruby, and took her home to join the family.

April-Rose – Social Media Team


At the age of 8, all I really wanted was a SodaStream. The sound it made when you pulled the handle and the air went in, the fact you could choose your flavours, the glass bottles and the bubbles up your nose. Sadly I was denied my own, but my friend around the corner had one. I won’t say our friendship was based entirely on fizzy pop (we’re still friends to this day) but it definitely got the ball rolling.

Suzie - Buyer

A Sibling

I really wanted a sibling and got one in 1989. It did not live up to expectations. I still have it, although it now lives in Bournemouth.

Jon - Analytics

A La Cart Kitchen

I always wanted an A La Cart Kitchen. Remember the TV ad where she makes a swiss roll with baked beans for her dad? You can’t get them anymore. You can get kitchens but they’re not the same.

Anna - Marketing

Lamborghini Countach

A lot of the 80’s was spent on the school run where conversation was dominated by talk of the Lamborghini Countach. As was my bedroom, which bore posters on every wall. The attraction was definitely the gullwing doors, a trait that appears to have stood them in good stead as I believe many, if not all, have the same style of doors to this day. And no, I never got one. Perhaps one day.

Alex – IT Team

Millenium Falcon

I wanted anything Star Wars. I especially wanted the Millennium Falcon and an AT-AT. I wanted it all. But all I got was the Millenium Falcon - no AT-AT. I was a deprived child. Later on, I sold my collection for a small fortune. Worst decision I ever made.

Dave – Business Support

Big Trak

I really wanted a Big Trak – it was sort of a programmable robot tank. I didn’t get one. They turned out to be a bit rubbish anyway. Not that I’m bitter.

Jon - Developer

Care Bear

A Care Bear. I just loved the rainbow of colours and personalities. I remember the day we bought one. We went to Toy and Hobby in Stockport. I even remember the aisle it was in. The Care Bear I chose was Grumpy bear because, I decided, nobody else would want him if he was so grumpy. Today, he’s been passed on to my 2 year old son who uses him as a patient when playing ‘doctors’.

Carolyn - Copywriter


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