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Tick Tock – Time To Spring Into Summer

If you’re anything like us, you’re ready to wave farewell to winter and usher in the delights – and lighter evenings – of spring. So when do the clocks change? You’ve not got long to wait. Set an alarm for Sunday 29th March, when at 1am, the clocks spring forward an hour and we welcome British Summer Time.
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To pass the time until then, we’ve put together a collection of some of our favourite clocks. Whatever your style, we’ve got a timepiece to suit you.

Tick tock timeless

If classic and timeless is your thing, then we’ve got a plethora of clocks for you to tell the time from. One for the intrepid explorers among you, this Antique Map Wall Clock has been cleverly designed in the style of a pocket-watch.

If simple and elegant chic is more your style, then this Arabic Cream Clock is the one for you. Its neutral colour will match any décor, and its easy-to-read numerals mean you’ll always know the right time.

Demonstrate your discerning taste with a nod to traditional antiques by displaying our Wooden Grandfather Clock on your mantelpiece or sideboard. A classic way to welcome in spring.

Time to make a statement

Clocks aren’t just good for telling the time (although that’s pretty handy). They also make an excellent addition to your home décor. So if you want your clock to be both functional and a talking point, we’ve got a couple of great suggestions.

If you feel like you’ve ground to a halt over the winter months, this will get you back in gear. The Gear Wheels Wall Clock combines classic Roman numerals and modern industrialism to create a real feature for your home.

When it comes to making a statement, sometimes bigger really is better. As all the cool kids know, it’s hip to be square. Striking, colourful, and measuring almost a metre in diameter, the Vintage Square Wall Clock is isn’t just a time telling device, it’s a work of art.

Which of these clocks would you like to put forward this spring?


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