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Timeless Geometrics

Accentuate the positive with geometric accessories and furniture
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Classic geometric patterns and prints seldom go out of style and this season the linear look is as bold and beautiful as ever. Subtle, interesting colours provide a modern update—along with striking black and white we’re seeing geometric designs on muted greys, creams, taupes and blues. From accent sofas to stylish accessories, the look is dramatic yet so easy to live with.

Here’s how to make it work in your home;

Rule 1: Put it underfoot

Rugs are always a great way to set a trend in your home—a well-placed, on trend floor rug makes the right statement but won’t dominate. And we love this season’s printed rugs like the Mirage Rug in charcoal with its bold, geometric diamonds. Prefer something lighter? The concentric squares of the Plaza Bamboo Silk Rug are perfectly in tune with the trend—and a tad more relaxing.

Rule 2: Soften it up

Soft furnishings are a good way to offset the minimalism of more linear styling. We love the bold zigzag print of the Geometric Ikat cushion and the rich texture of the golden Bancroft Footstool.

Rule 3: Bend the rules

What’s really great about this trend is that ultra geometric doesn’t have to be ultra modern. The Bancroft 4 seater blue sofa, with its lovely scrolled arms and turned feet, is upholstered in a gorgeous geometric print that has a more traditional feel. You can also find looks in accent chairs like the Duresta Domus Durrell grey armchair with its subtle print or the rather bolder Harlequin Marion Wing Chair.

Get Inspired! See more beautiful geometric and linear home furniture ideas on our Pinterest board.


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