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Versatile furniture for the variety of life

From nesting tables and floating shelves to fold-up chairs and other versatile accessories, we’ll help you find the perfect furniture to adapt to your ever-changing lifestyle.
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Building the perfect home for your ever-changing needs

From nesting tables and floating shelves to fold-up chairs and other versatile furniture, we’ll help you make your house as flexible as it needs to be to adapt to your unpredictable lifestyle.

Nesting tables on the left

Yesterday, you rocked a session on the stationary bike. Today you just want to snuggle up on the sofa in front of the TV. Tomorrow you’re hosting a huge birthday party for your best friend. And the next day you’re having a nice afternoon tea with mum…

They say, “home is where the heart is”. And the idiom couldn’t ring more true. Our homes have to adapt to a lot of different situations, always having to cater for our changing moods and evolving needs. But how can you make sure your house is ready to accommodate your every whim without turning into a stressful mess?

Don’t panic. Whatever your lifetsyle, we’ve got you covered. From stylish stacking tables and fold-up chairs to contemporary benches and versatile furniture, the possibilities are endless to give your home the flexibility it needs to suit your fancies. So, whether you like to have friends and family around every week, prefer to only entertain on very special occasions, or are simply one of those with a hectic routine, with no idea what’s going to happen from week-to-week, let’s see how we can get your home ready for your next adventure, shall we?

  • Favour flexible furniture

When you need a home that adapts to your ever-changing needs, the obvious solution is to get flexible furniture that can be pulled out or tucked away at any time.

Having a handy nest of tables is always a blessing. When your friends suddenly come around for a totally unplanned surprise birthday party, you can simply scatter your tables around the living room for extra room to display nibbles, food and beverage. When the party comes to a close, stack them up again. Once tucked in, one under another, your nesting tables won’t take up any precious storage room and can easily be used as a console, bedside or coffee table – all while giving a contemporary look to your interior.

Folding chairs and folding tables are also a good option. They’ll provide valuable extra seating arrangement for guests at the snap of a finger. So even if it’s a last-minute party, you’re sure to be covered. And once everyone’s gone home, simply fold your tables and chairs and put them neatly away in even the smallest of closets. Easy! Impromptu gatherings needn’t be a challenge any more.

  • Use vertical space

If you happen to have a small – but cosy – home, chances are you’re already a fan of floating shelves. From spice rack to extra loo roll holder, they truly work wonders to save you horizontal space.

But this fabulous piece of furniture is at its absolute handiest when you suddenly need to make more room on your surfaces. Simply put all decorations and superfluous accessories on your floating shelves to clear living room tables and make them easier to move around. Now that you have loads of free space to put your yoga mat, you can finally try this new routine your best friend has been raving on about.

And for even more flexibility, you might even want to add some hooks underneath your shelf (or just around it). They’re perfect to hang coats and bags as you come in from work. But they can also be used to suspend small baskets containing all sorts of useful bits and bobs depending on your current need or mood – like a tablet and speakers to play music while you go about your day. Or keeping your keys somewhere you’re unlikely to forget…

  • Move things around

Who says furniture always has to stay in the same place forever? Of course, we don’t except you to be moving the massive wooden wardrobe every day. But shifting other smaller pieces around the house could work wonders.

Take basic benches for examples. When you’re having a small get-together, they can provide incredibly valuable seating space. But they can also be placed along the wall to serve as quirky decorative bookshelf, and, in narrow lounges, can be used as stunningly unusual coffee tables.

But benches aren’t the only flexible seating you can place around the house. Use a beautiful upholstered armchair in the bedroom as cosy place to tie your shoes in the morning. You could put it in the bathroom as the pre-shower drop area for your already-worn-but-not-quite-dirty clothes, or move it to your children’s room for a comfy spot when the little one needs feeding.

  • Shop versatile

Any item that has a double function is a good friend to have around the house – especially if your lifestyle means your needs often change from week to week.

If you’re in need of versatile furniture why not invest in a gorgeous drop leaf table? This clever piece of furniture is fantastically multi-functional. When extended, drop leaf tables can be big enough to use as dining table for a party of eight to ten. That’s the whole family round for your birthday! When both leaves are down, your table becomes small enough to use as a shelf to display your video console, or favourite artworks and books. And of course, you can always leave one leaf extended to create an original desk when you need to work from home.

Another fabulously adaptable piece to have in your home is a nest of three tables. Maybe you want to have three tables of different heights in the bathroom so each of your children can have their own toothbrush and rising glass area. Perhaps you need flexible bedside furniture where one table can be used to display your favourite things and the other to take care of the functional alarm clock. Or you want to use your trio of tables side-by-side to build a chic multitiered coffee table and give a striking look to your living room when the in-laws come visit.

Party haven one day, cosy cocoon the next – it’s not easy making sure your home is ready for your ever-changing plans… But with some versatile furniture, adaptable accessories and clever thinking, you can tackle any interior dilemma and make sure your home can adapt to any of your whims and fancies – even when they change from week to week.


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