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What should you consider when finding the best TV stand for your space?

We all know that it’s worth taking one’s time when it comes to considering a new television. From researching all the pros and cons to finding a screen offering beautiful picture quality, the make and model you choose should suit your needs. With your new TV on its way, it’s now time to take a look at the TV stand.
Hints & Tips

The TV stand is an important piece of furniture for your room, a prominent focal point that will be in your line of sight whenever TV is being watched. So it’s important to make sure that it complements your chosen design aesthetic and suits the look and feel of your home.

At Furniture Village we’ve put together a few hints that you hope you will find helpful if you are investing in a new TV stand.

Firstly, take a look at your television

There are a few questions to ask before you buy a TV stand. How heavy is your TV? Depending on its weight you may need a style of stand that is reinforced to hold it. Secondly, what size is it? You don’t want your television looking out of place or overpowering in its placement. If the TV unit is too large for the TV this could look out of proportion and make the screen appear smaller than it actually is. If it is too small, it could make the TV appear to overpower the room.

Your TV stand needs to match your theme

Contemplate what style of TV stand you will need to suit the design of your room. You don’t want to have it clashing with your décor and upsetting the balance of your complementing furniture, so remember to take a look at the whole of your room and how it will fit in. Is your theme rustic, homely and cosy with many wooden elements? Then consider how a wooden TV stand would integrate with this, whether it’s with natural exposed grain or with polished veneer.

If your living room has a more modern feel, then a high gloss TV unit is a great choice. As well as being beautifully contemporary in their look, some high gloss units come with a UV finish giving a more durable and hard surface for holding your television - a useful factor to consider when choosing.

See how much space you have to utilise

If you have a small amount of space for your TV, take a look at what corner TV units are available and discover how you can save space by making the most of areas in your room that would usually go to waste. On the other hand, if you find yourself with ample room, an entertainment unit could be the perfect piece of furniture for you, giving you space to really showcase your TV and all your extras. There is even the option to create your own with modular pieces of furniture so take a look to see what display cabinets or shelving units could be placed together to create your desired entertainment unit look.

Figure out the optimal height for your stand

When you’re sitting on your sofa, you don’t want to be craning your neck to watch your programmes, just as you wouldn’t wish to be looking uncomfortably downward. The height of your sofa should inform the height at which you should have your stand, so make sure it is eye level for a comfortable viewing experience.

What storage options are offered

This factor is dependent on how many ‘extras’ you wish to store in your TV stand. You might require many shelves to hold your huge DVD collection, or prefer to have your books on display, so you will need to choose the right unit to suit these needs. Sometimes, a sideboard can offer your living room that extra storage whilst still maintaining your design and being a great place for your television.

What maintenance is required

The difference in material used to form your luxurious TV stand will mean that the maintenance will be a different process for that piece of furniture. If you’ve purchased high gloss, be aware a lot of fingerprints may tend to show up. A wooden TV stand may need to be treated with oils to keep its gorgeous look.


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