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Looking to update your living space but don’t know where to start? We know that interior design can sometimes be a little overwhelming, that’s why we’ve put together the ultimate interiors quiz to identify your personal style and help you fit your personality to your space.
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Which phrase best sums up your home?

  • Everything has its place: no clutter please!
  • A home should be luxurious above anything else
  • I like things to be a little imperfect and rough around the edges
  • Personality is the most important thing

Your dream bedroom has:

  • White walls, wooden floors and a lack of fussy detail
  • Glistening accessories, a dash of velvet and maybe a chandelier or two
  • Antique-style pieces, lots of textures, channelling Shabby Chic
  • Pattern, pops of colour and lots of unique accessories from my travels

What accessory best finishes a room?

  • A classic piece with clean lines
  • An opulent Art Deco-style mirror
  • Vintage-style clocks
  • Big, bold, patterned cushions

What’s your favourite thing to do at home?

  • I love just chilling and relaxing when everything’s clean and tidy
  • I’m an entertainer and enjoy throwing dinner parties with friends
  • A traditional family lunch sounds great
  • My home is like a museum, and I love collecting, displaying and showing off my art

What item would you pick from the below?

  • A modern, Scandi-inspired chair
  • A beautiful, ornate chandelier
  • An antique-style lamp
  • A rich, fluffy, colourful rug

Now you’re done, it’s time to add up all your answers and discover your interior design personality!

Sofa loveseat
Armchair & footstool

Mostly A’s? You’re a Modern Minimalist

For you, less is more. You appreciate investing in high quality furniture with clean details, simple shapes and understated style.

So if you’re looking to update, go with a matching furniture set.. In the bedroom, try sleek, mirrored wardrobes in white or natural wood-effect and pair with classic four-drawer chests in the same finish with a simple pale wood bed frame. Try mid-century style brands like G Plan and Ercol. It’s best to keep your accessories and textiles subdued by opting for white, biscuit, taupe and charcoal colours that won’t date. And for a touch of uniqueness, throw in an upholstered armchair or two and some statement pendant lighting.

Mostly B’s? You’re Glam and Gorgeous

The glam look has become huge over the past few years. Inspired by the dramatic lines and geometric motifs of Art Deco, plush textures mixed with classic colours are key as are fabrics including velvet, faux-fur and shaggy textures and metallics.

Start with accessories. A large mirror can really wow - look out for ones with bevelled edges. Add cushions in rich, deep colours or designs with embellishments like beads or metallic thread. Lighting is equally important, and lamps at different heights will help you channel a boutique hotel mood at home, opt for chrome floor lights and a few table lamps for a chic, low-key finish.

Mostly C’s? You’re Vintage Rustic

How to get the look:

It’s all about honest, authentic materials, rustic finishes, and natural texture. Dark woods and white walls are a classic combination, so choose solid wood furniture like wardrobes and chests of drawers. It’s worth spending a little more as these are investments rather than trend items. Watch out for furniture with ornate, vintage-style detailing and sofas with classic scrolled arms in heritage fabric.

Industrial-style lamps such as enamel pendants or angled table or desk lamps fit the bill. Our leather-covered lanterns have a farmhouse charm about them, and quirky, Victorian-style clocks in wood or brass effect will make it look like you’ve decorated your home with heirlooms, without all the hours searching through vintage markets. And why not add some animal wall art for a true country cottage touch?

Mostly D’s? You’re Boho Eclectic

This is an eclectic, globetrotting look, ideal for rule-breakers who like their homes to be as individual as they are. Anything goes these days and that’s true of your home too, so don’t be afraid to clash colours and textures.

The eclectic look is well accessorised - a mix of your favourite pieces, curated from your travels, new items and a few eye-catching statements. Try building a living room around a coffee table with a sculpted base, or a patterned, statement rug and go from there.

Rebecca Maloy, Beds Buyer
Rebecca Maloy Beds Buyer


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