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Wild outside? Cosy up Navajo style this winter

When it’s cold outside, what could be better than coming home, kicking off your shoes, cuddling under a soft, warm blanket and cosying up by the fire with your family? It may be snowing or raining, there may be an icy wind whistling past the windows, but in the heart of your home, with the people you love, you can feel as snug as a bug in a rug
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The red Indians knew how to stay warm in the Winter months. The Navajo and some of the Apache lived in hogans, six or eight-sided log homes with a smoke hole, and the roof covered with earth. Others lived in homes built of bark, or in teepees, cone shaped tents made of buffalo hides fastened over long wooden poles and lined inside with skins, again with smoke holes at the top. Often it was the women who made the shelters while the men hunted for food. For communal living, longhouses were made of slabs of bark tied to a wooden frame and held down by saplings.


Instead of gathering around the TV or wood burning stoves, the Indians gathered around open fires and told stories. Like us, they liked to make themselves as warm and comfortable as possible. But instead of curling up on sofas under faux fur throws, they snuggled up under real furs and deerskins.

Named after famous red Indian tribes, the sofas and chairs in our brand new Leather and Fabric Collection, made exclusively for Furniture Village by Westbridge, come in a fabulous mix of fabrics and butter soft leathers. Contemporary comfort meets traditional detailing, for a warm, welcoming, relaxed vibe.

The sofas and chairs come in three distinctive styles – Apache, Cherokee and Navajo. Apache has sloping arms, beautifully finished with metallic studding and decorative piping. The accent chair has a high, buttoned back. Cherokee has sophisticated designer details, including modern curved arms and decorative rows of seaming and piping. Finally, Navajo blends relaxed comfort with traditional elements, we love the Chesterfield style scrolled and buttoned arms.

Welcoming and cosy to relax on in the winter, the sofas and chairs in the Leather and Fabric Collection are timelessly stylish and wonderfully comfortable all year round. And you don’t need to strike lucky in the Gold Rush to pay for them – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the great value prices.



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