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It’s nesting season: 5 gorgeous space-saving tables for spring

A nest of tables can provide lots of extra space while being space-saving. How do they achieve that conundrum? We explain in our list of top nesting tables.
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Nested Tables

Need to free up some space in your home? We’ve got just the thing: nesting tables are a space-saving, practical choice with versatile style sure to enhance any home.

It's the bright, fresh season of Spring (despite the view from your window telling you otherwise), and there’s no better time to get stuck in with a bit of spring cleaning and home organisation. While dusting, decluttering and even a spot of repainting might be in order, this is also the perfect time to consider freshening up your furniture and rethinking the way you use the space in each room.

If your home is on the smaller side, for example, space saving furniture can completely transform a room while also freeing up some all-too-precious real estate to move around in. When it comes to furniture designed specifically for a smaller space, the best pieces are useful in just the way you need them to be, without feeling obtrusive or overwhelming.

One of our favourites that accomplish both while also being incredibly stylish, versatile and convenient are nesting tables – those Russian-doll style multi-sets that also bring a sense of dynamism into the room as you move them from place to place. Our pick of five gorgeous nesting tables can help you find one that fits perfectly in your home.

Velodrome Nested Tables

Velodrome Nest of Tables

We love the geometric Velodrome Nest of Tables with the tonal contrast of white oak table tops and gunmetal-grey legs creating a sophisticated contemporary look. Whether you tune in to the gunmetal with a shades of grey colour scheme or highlight the natural beech wood with some lush greenery, these Velodrome tables can be dressed up or dressed down with the smallest touch.

What’s more, their sharply angled legs and 45-degree table tops give them an edgy twist that gives you explicit permission to experiment with your interior decorations. Love your bright colours? Go bold with a lemon-yellow rug underneath or a bright orange plant pot on top. Prefer a prominent pattern? Bring out the wood patterns on the table tops by utilising as many geometric patterns as you can manage without feeling dizzy.

Dorset Nest of Tables

Fitting neatly together and into any modern home, the Dorset Nest of Tables bring a relaxed-yet-stylish vibe to your décor. Made from solid American white oak and enhanced with rich oak veneers, these wooden nesting tables feature knots and whorls in random formations, resulting in a completelyunique pattern on each table.

Perfect stand-ins for your living room end table or as a bedside table, these Dorset tables combine casual charisma with sophisticated style. Their thick-cut tapered legs bring an extra level of interest tothe latter while their softly rounded edges and slightly elevated table top gives an unassuming charm to the former.

Make sure the rest of your room is also able to nail that balance by decorating with plenty of wooden features – preferably in the same light brown shade as these tables – and keeping the décor rustic, natural and pared-back.

Dorset Nested Tables

Ercol Originals Nest of Tables

If you thought nesting could only be accomplished with neat square tables, the Ercol Originals Nest of Tables are here to prove you wrong. These oval beauties have pebble shaped tops, which were first designed in the 1950s making for a true design classic, which somehow manages to retain a sense of fresh modernity.

These Ercol Originals are available in a nest of three tables, which means more opportunities to show off their iconic mid-century design, splayed legs and curved tops. Need a compact coffee table to complement a small sofa? These slender curved tables have just enough surface area to accommodate the mugs of even the hungriest crowd. Want to add a quirky touch to the corner of a Scandi-style living room? Spread out the tables ever so slightly to create an expansive-feeling area to place books, vases or candles.

Compact in size but large in personality, the Ercol Originals Nest of Tables bring an elegant touch to any small space.

Starr Nest of Tables

Back to square with the neat Starr Nest of Tables, featuring an ergonomically-inclined design created specifically for the smaller space. But, while these tables are small in size, they make up for it in spades of practicality, style and space-saving value.

Made with oil-treated oak and finished with geometric lines, these tables look wonderful at home next to a shaggy rug, a patterned sofa or an industrial-style table lamp. Keeping with the industrial theme, these Starr tables will look great with a muted-grey colour scheme or when paired with larger furnishings in a darker brown.

Of course, the best part of nesting tables is being able to move them around where needed. We envision using the larger table as a mini coffee table for guests seated around the living room, while the smaller comes in handy as an extra surface for day-to-day storage or as your new favourite spot for a treasured memento.

Starr Nested Tables

Starr Coffee Table Set

When you’re looking for nesting tables for your compact living room, going for something multi-purpose like this Starr Coffee Table Set could be the best way to make the most out of your furnishings.

Designed to serve as occasional tables for when you have guests or need to expand your space for an evening, this coffee table set can be easily slotted into the corner of a room when not in use. When you do plan to use the tables, make the most of the occasion by mimicking their geometric design and clean, simple lines with similarly geometric couch cushions, a pared-back table lamp and minimal-fuss accessories. Think one item placed thoughtfully rather than lots of decorations thrown together.

With oil-treated oak and oak veneers and a luxuriously smooth texture , these Starr Coffee Tables suitthe contemporary home perfectly.

With beautiful decorative touches and practical-minded design, the endlessly versatile nesting tables above pack enough punch to make you forget about any sizeable piece of furnishing you might otherwise use in your home. As well as being design features in their own right, a gorgeous nest of tables can also inject a burst of new energy into the room, simply because you suddenly have so many options to play with. When looking for space-saving furniture, you can’t go too far wrong with tables designed to do just that.

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