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Whether you’re renting and always on the move or simply tire of your interiors often, there are plenty of ways to get creative with interior design and create updated looks without too much effort. Here are a few tips for giving your home the uplift it needs without embarking on a full renovation project.
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There’s no better feeling than giving your interiors a spruce up, but sometimes a full-on redecorating job just isn’t viable. From the expense of replacing all furniture, to the mess that comes with ripping up floors, most of us are happy to see the big stuff as a once-a-decade kind of job. But that’s not to say we don’t get bored, or want to mix things up a bit from time to time, especially the interior enthusiasts among us.

Whether you hop between properties or simply crave change more than the average person, there are plenty of ways to give your home a fresh, new feel without a complete overhaul. From in-lit display cabinets to accent walls, Navajo cushions to Scandi throws and retro lighting, it’s all about being inventive with accessories, and working with what you’ve got. Read on to find out all the little ways you can feed your design addiction daily…


Divine display cabinets: an unlikely source of inspiration

You’re happy with your sofas and still in love with that antique coffee table your auntie handed down to you a few years ago, but your furniture needs an uplift. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know want to change something to bring that brand new, ‘love what you’ve done with the place’ impact to your lounge. Enter the humble display cabinet.

As one of interior design’s most underrated items, the unassuming display cabinet has the potential to instantly transform a space. It’s not a small piece of furniture by any means, so it’s worth bearing in mind that the colour and general look you go for will alter the feel of the room quite drastically (isn’t that what you were aiming for anyway?) so be sure to choose something you love. Ornate and decidedly vintage feel cabinets for the retro-chic lovers, or wooden display cabinets with a visible grain for the traditionalists. And for the modernists, we’re loving clean-cut, in-lit glass display cabinets like these, which promise to bring a chic, minimalist vibe to the room. Plus, they’ll add a touch of ambience too, with mood lighting illuminating the glossy shelves and glass window panes. Something uber-trendy like this works fantastically with raw wooden floors and white walls, offset by vibrant green houseplants - or cacti if you’re feeling adventurous - and bright cushions and throws.

Eye-catching accent walls: minimum effort, maximum effect

Introducing a brand-new colour to a room in the form of an accent wall is a great way to make an immediate impact with very little effort. It’ll take just a matter of hours to complete and once you’re done you’ll be left with that freshly decorated feel. Accent walls work particularly well with rooms that already have pale-coloured walls such as whites, pastels and creams - or neutral tones that are easily complemented by another colour on the same palette. Think earthy greys and teals for rooms that already have a neutral, pared back vibe, and rich plums and pinks for cosier spaces that incorporate lots of rich colours. If you’ve got white or cream walls, going for something dark and dusty can work well and add a feeling of depth and chic modernity to the space. We love taupes, gun-metals and aubergines.

If you’re feeling bold, why not go for a bright splash of colour like turquoise or orange to bring the space to life? Complement with vibrant throw cushions and rugs to draw everything together, but be sure to offset brighter colours with plenty of white so as not to make the room feel overwhelming or cluttered.


Lovely lighting: not just for better visibility

Lighting makes or breaks interiors – that much you probably already know. But what many people don’t realise, is that lighting is as much about accessorising as it is about achieving that perfect ambience. And with so many creative designs on the market right now, the ways you can uplift your interiors with a few carefully placed lamps are endless. If your home is all glass table tops and sleek stainless-steel handles, add a raw industrial edge with a couple of retro-feel copper lamps like this one. Or if you’re interior has a relaxed or more traditional feel, go for something quirky and eccentric like this Tripod Film floor lamp to bring a cutting-edge, Grand Designs-esque vibe to your home.

And it’s not just about lamps. Adding spotlights to your kitchen ceiling, for example, is enough to completely transform the space, highlighting features that were otherwise lost in dull lighting. And what about adding a statement chandelier to your hallway? Or some glossy pendant lights over the dining table? Playing around with lighting features is a great way to add a new look and feel to your home with reasonably little effort. And of course, not forgetting magical fairy lights, which – in our opinion – look great strung around just about anything, in any room.

Whether you’re a design enthusiast or simply love to get creative in your spare time, there are plenty of ways to transform your home without embarking on a complete renovation project. Playing with accessories and wall colour is a great way to unleash your inner creative genius, without creating permanent change to your home. Now grab that paint brush, and paint!

The home of inspiration

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