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Protecting Furniture From Sunlight Damage

Whilst everyone looks forward to the warmth and sunshine of the summer months, continued exposure to sunlight can cause damage to furniture and be costly to repair or even replace. There are, however, some simple tips that can help.
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Leather furniture is particularly susceptible to damage from sunlight and can be difficult to remedy, as there is not only a problem with discolouration but also with cracking and drying. If leather furniture is next to a window, the best way to avoid damage is to keep the blinds or curtains closed during the day as much as possible. If this is difficult, rotating the position of furniture pieces will reduce the impact and can also refresh a room in the process.

It is also important to clean and condition leather furniture every six to twelve months. This will reduce the likelihood of drying and cracking and make it more resistant to sun damage. In addition, there are a number of cleaning products available that will help to provide some protection against the sun; scheduling a pre-summer clean will be of benefit throughout the summer months.

Wood can also be damaged by excessive exposure to sunlight, with the main issue being discolouration. Modern varnishes are often designed to help prevent damage caused by the sun, and there are other simple actions that can also help. The ideal solution, of course, is not to position wooden furniture in a sunny spot or directly next to a window; however, these are often the areas that are popular for design and aesthetic reasons. One solution is to apply solar films to windows. These are widely available and will filter out some of the harmful rays without obscuring views or blocking light.


Furniture that is covered in fabric can suffer from the same problem, as sunlight causes the colour to fade. Investing in some colourfast throws or covers for use during summer days is a quick and simple solution, and these can also enhance a room by adding texture and interest to the colour scheme.

Sunny days are to be enjoyed, and following some of these simple tips will ensure that furniture retains its lustre and withstands the heat throughout the summer months.

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