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We have been thinking a lot about storage due to the brand new range of Welle wardrobes now available to buy at Furniture Village, in store and online.
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We have been thinking a lot about storage due to the brand new range of Welle wardrobes now available to buy at Furniture Village, in store and online.

Welle have been making wardrobes and other furniture since 1896 and have been inspiring new interior design trends ever since.

Striking a balance between practicality and style has always been a difficulty when buying storage on a budget, especially if you’re working with a small or awkward sized room. The new Welle High Five range of sliding wardrobes has been designed with practicality in mind, but function is nothing without form, so they've made sure it looks fantastic too.

If you’re looking to purchase a new wardrobe or simply want to save some extra space in your home, we’ve got some great hints and tips for effective storage throughout.

It’s not only bedrooms and living rooms which need storage space. Rooms such as the bathroom can be made clutter free with a small under sink cabinet, shelf or chest of drawers for toiletries, paper and first aid supplies. Don’t be afraid to mix and match which items you put where. If you have a large bathroom which has room for a chest of drawers, fill it with out of season clothes you won’t be wearing until next year to free up space in your bedroom, while adding that statement piece of furniture to your bathroom.

Make sure you use all the space you can when planning your storage options. The Welle High Five range of wardrobes feature shelves, drawers and hanging rails that can be positioned to suit your needs. Wardrobes with repositionable shelves and rails are a great investment as you can change their layout to fit with your ever changing needs.

Space saving

Built in wardrobes can save a lot of space compared to free standing ones and can make a room seem more modern and sleek without the clutter or the look of being over filled with furniture. The Welle High Five wardrobes come in 17 different sizes, meaning you get the custom-made look in your home without the bespoke price.

The range of 10 gorgeous colours means you can blend your wardrobe in with the look of any room or you can opt for a contrasting colour to make your wardrobe an eye-catching statement piece as well as practical storage solution.

And lastly, another great tip to remember is that wardrobes are not only for clothes. Put an end to a mess of handbags and shoes in the bottom of your wardrobe and invest small storage boxes to organise your accessories. Opt for clear boxes so you can easily see which item is in which box.

Alternatively, attach some shower curtain hooks to a wardrobe rail and hang your bags and scarves at eye level to avoid tearing everything out of your wardrobe looking for that bag right at the back under a pile of coats.

The right storage solution can create a much calmer space for you to live in, so it's important to get it right. Come and take a look at the full Welle range to start creating a more organised home today.

The home of inspiration

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