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Residing in a bijoux space does not mean that you have to compromise on style. There are a multitude of clever, space-saving tips that can ensure your home is both functional and chic, and even some that will make your room seem even bigger! Small spaces can also be a blessing in disguise, as they can often make you tidier and more focused in how you use and dress your space; as there’s no room for clutter.
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Here are some top interior tips for how to live comfortably but also stylishly in a compact home.

Flip & Fold

Don’t be caught short when additional guests turn up for dinner and avoid having to create makeshift dining arrangements from stools and trays. Maintain your air of calm, serenity and style by ensuring that your dining table is fit for purpose. Folding dining tables are a clever way of making sure that you don’t have to forfeit dinner parties and soirées in your pad and don’t have to navigate a cumbersome, dinner table on a daily basis. A versatile flip-top dining table is compact and sturdy and can be coordinated with any colour scheme. The flip-top design makes it effortless to transform your seating area from a four-seater into a six or eight seater dining table in an instant. Pair it with industrial-style chairs to inject a New York Loft aesthetic that is both practical, striking and hardwearing.

Store It High

Make the most of your room’s alcoves whilst creating the perfect location to take the ultimate ‘shelfie’, with a layered shelving unit. This will provide you with a myriad of space to display books, ornaments, candles and nick-knacks, whilst the clean, uncomplicated design ensures that your space won’t look overly cluttered or busy.

Combine Your Bed With Your TV

TVs in bedrooms can often take up valuable wall space that could be used for shelving, wardrobe space or family photos, so why not consider a TV bed so that you don’t have to compromise on space or a late night session of Game of Thrones.

Storage Under Your Feet

Another way to cleverly ensure your small space stays clutter free but also elegant, is to invest in a footstool that comes complete with storage. Not only does a footstool provide some additional seating for guests, it can also become the home for the children’s toys, linen, records – hiding a multitude of sins! Choose a design that complements but doesn’t match your chosen sofa or arm chairs, to avoid a homogenised look.

Under The Bed

Divan beds have come a long way. Now available in many eye-catching designs and colours with added storage drawers as a bonus, the divan bed is a great practical and stylish way to reclaim some bedroom space. Under bed storage drawers are perfect for storing items that you use regularly, such as towels, underwear and socks. Alternatively, if you are looking for an option for items that you rarely use, an ottoman bed could be the style for you. Ottoman bedsare great for those bedrooms that lack the space to open drawers, providing a spacious and playful alternative. Use the storage that these beds provide to house winter-wardrobe overspill, blankets or your holiday wardrobe, but take the time to organise the space with boxes, vacuum packing and labels to ensure that you make the most of it!

The home of inspiration

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