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The case for supersizing your sleep space: 7 reasons to buy a super king size bed

You need one. You just don’t know you need one yet. Here are 7 reasons why it’s time for you to up your bed game with a super king mattress.
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Super king size mattresses aren’t just the stuff of dreams, you know? Read on to discover why it’s high time you gave your bed a makeover.

You’ve seen them in the store. Those ginormous, tempting beds that look as though they could fit an entire family in them. You’ve even slept in one or two yourself over the years, in the kind of luxury hotels that make you want to spend more time indoors than exploring the place you’re holidaying in. Yet, there’s something about the super-king-sized bed that’s led you to believe it isn’t a viable option for your own bedroom. Maybe it’s that you think it’s tooindulgent… an opulent, oversized luxury reserved for high-ceilinged villas and vast country mansions. Or perhaps it’s that you simply don’t think you need all that space. If so, think again.

Entering the world of super-king-sized beds is like getting a dishwasher for the first time. For years you contested the need for one, telling people you got by just fine with a sink and a scourer. And why wouldn’t you? That’s all you’d ever known. But then your other half finally twisted your arm, and everything changed, quite irreversibly.

Back to beds (of the enormous variety). You need one. The problem is, you just don’t knowyou need one yet.

And that’s exactly what we’re here to change. Here are seven reasons it’s time to supersize your sleep space:

1. You’ll genuinely get a better night’s sleep

Now, we’re not saying snuggle-time isn’t great, but for those that live with partners there is such a thing as too much bodily contact when it comes to drifting off into a heavenly sleep. Enter the super king mattress; a gigantic sleep-friendly landscape perfect for sprawling out on – no shin-kicking, and zero morning-breath in your face. We’re talking ‘bed to yourself’ levels of comfort. The kind of space that has you wondering if there’s anyone else there with you at all. Of course, there’s no harm in reaching out for the occasional hand-hold or goodnight kiss, but when it comes to stretching out star-fish style, the super-king-sized bed is as boundless as an ocean floor.

2. You’ll be able to seriously up your breakfast in bed game

There’s something romantic about the idea of breakfast in bed, but quite often it ends up more mess-and-stress than R&R. Not with a super-king-sized bed, though. All that extra space means you’ve plenty of room to balance trays and you can even invite the kids in for some morning cuddles if you’re feeling affectionate. Trust us, when you’re not spilling orange juice over each other’s laps and juggling bowls of cereal in a bed that’s barely big enough to sleep in, the whole experience is transformed.

3. For the particularly tall: no more ankle-hangover

There’s nothing more cumbersome to comfort than finding your toes poking out over the end of the bed. So, if you’re particularly tall and are sick of frosty feet, we have one word: superking (ok that’s two words). Just don’t forget to get a giant duvet to match your mattress.

4. Netflix binges: enter a whole new realm of chilling

If you’re the kind of person who heads straight up to their bedroom after work for a Netflixmarathon, a supersize bed could be a serious game changer. Especially if you’re using a laptop for streaming – we’re all familiar with the awkward act of laptop-balancing in bed, particularly when we’re with someone else. Now you’ll have more than enough room to place your computer in prime viewing position and sprawl out too. Heaven.

5. Good for when the little ones join you

It’s against the advice of healthcare professionals to have a baby of under 12 months sleeping in the same bed as you. But there could be the occasional time when your older child has a nightmare and joins you in the night. With a super king-sized bed there’s plenty room for night-time comforting and morning family cuddles.

6. Working from home becomes a lot more fun

Who said you have to put up with your home office when working from home? Isn’t part of the deal that you get to be as comfy as possible while carrying out the day’s tasks? Enter the upgraded version of WFH: working from bed (we know, genius). And with a super king, you’ll have more than enough space to spread out all your papers.

7. Looks luxurious, feels luxurious

The thing about a super king bed is that it just generally lifts your bedroom from an aesthetic point of view. Maybe it’s the opulence, or the sheer size of it that has a dramatic impact on the overall look of the space – whatever it is, as soon as it’s in place you’ll be met with an instant ‘wow’ factor. And not forgetting the fact that it feels luxurious to crawl into a gigantic bed designed for next-level comfort. Take the Silentnight Serenity Cool Lux Gel 3000 Ultra Mattress in super king size, for example. Handcrafted by Silentnight, its Mirapocket spring system means it has hundreds of individual springs, each nested in a fabric pocket, designed to provide unparalleled zoned support. The bigger the bed, the more springs there are… see where we’re going with this?

People say home is where the heart is, but we’re starting to feel like the saying would ring more true if you were to replace ‘home’ with ‘bed’. Especially when your bed is just about big enough to live in.

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