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The Perfect Man Cave

Lazy boy or gentlemans club?
Design Inspiration

No man cave should be without a comfortable chair or two, so the Home Hub sofa and chair range offers storage space and cupholders inside the arms. For the ultimate in high tech seating pick the swivel chair with built in bluetooth system and speakers lets you listen to music in style.

Home hub swivel chair Monaco coffee table Manhattan coffee table

Back to the stone age

If you're creating a man cave then you need an appropriate table to put in it! The Monaco coffee table is two solid slabs of polished stone, and the range also includes some amazing cube shelves to display your hunting trophies! Alternatively move several thousand years forward and choose the stunning Manhattan table; a sheet of glass resting on stone monoliths.

Top it all off with a TV bed!

There’s one area where you don’t want to get too prehistoric and that’s when it comes to the bedroom.

The modern man cave should be fully equipped with all mod cons including a leather tv bed complete with fully remote controlled LCD TV. Whether you choose to use it to watch old Tarzan movies is, of course, entirely up to you.

The home of inspiration

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