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The Perfect Man Cave

Lazy boy or gentlemans club?
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While the concept of the “man cave” might be as outdated as prehistoric man himself, the idea of creating a personally-tailored ultra-relaxing zone has massive appeal (for either sex, really). The great thing is, your cave doesn’t have to be an entire room. So if your housedoesn’t have a spare basement, garage or even a shed, know that you can still design your own man (or woman) cave without too much effort or investment.


Man cave furniture for your living room

When you’re searching for man cave furniture, remember that your living room most likelyhas to meet the needs of other family members. Think man cave by night, family space by day and you won’t go far wrong.

For example, that ultimate man recliner you’ve been picturing, in leather perhaps and with touch-sensitive power controls, will definitely be the kids’ favourite place to watch a movie.

And that ultra-inviting man cave sofa with chaise end and adjustable headrests? It’s big enough to make having friends over so easy.

Simply look for sofas and chairs with all those man cave extras like built-in power recliners, cup holders and even USB ports – and you’ll ensure that your living room furniture meets everybody’s approval.

Of course, you don’t have to be a man to appreciate more masculine furniture. While a leather armchair or Chesterfield-style sofa may shout traditional gentleman’s club, it’s easy to make your man cave chair inviting and comfortable for all. Opt for upholstery in softer or neutral shades and in warmly textured fabrics, or dress up with accent cushions and throws in bright and bold colours.

And when you’re picking out occasional furniture, opt for more substantial styles crafted from natural materials. A solid oak or stone coffee table makes a fantastic centrepiece. And the popular industrial look, with its unfinished wood tops and weathered iron accents, is tailormade for man cave style.


The home office as man cave

Even if you share your home office with others, you can still give it your own personal style stamp and make it a place you actually enjoy being in – very important if you work from home even occasionally.

Choose your desk with care, ensuring that you create an ergonomic and efficient workspacewith plenty of storage and display space. And invest in a great chair that’s comfortable and supportive. Everybody loves a swivel chair, and some of the larger swivel chairs around – technically living room furniture – make great desk chairs. Just make sure that the height of your desk and the height of your swivel chair arms are compatible. Finish your man cave space with great wall art or photographic prints.

Man cave bedroom furniture

While leather and solid wood do work beautifully in the bedroom, why not think a little higher tech here?

A bed with a flat-screen TV hidden in its foot end is the ultimate in stylish relaxation and something no man cave should be without. Or choose bedroom furniture with an eye to installing a TV elsewhere in the room. A taller chest of drawers or dresser works perfectly as a TV stand, especially if you pick colours and textures that tone with your high-tech equipment, like dark lacquered cabinet tops.

The truth is, creating a man cave isn’t just about choosing a man cave couch or a man cave sofa bed. It’s about creating a space that feels personal, relaxing and stylish. And you don’t have to be a man to do that!

The home of inspiration

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